Dendi’s B8 Esports is Now On A 10-Game Losing Streak

Vignesh Raghuram
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Image Courtesy: ESL

  • B8 Esports have recently lost 10 series in a row.
  • The team possesses an overall win-loss record of 5-27. 

With B8 Esports’ recent loss to Na’Vi at the WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: Division 1, the team has now lost 10 games in a row and are looking dire. 

The latest roster change, bringing in Swedish carry player Steve "Xcalibur" Ye seems to have not worked, which had lead to the team struggling across multiple tournaments including ESL One LA Online League and the Epic Prime League Season 1.

B8 Esports' Losing Streak

Below is a list of the team’s most recent 10 matches. It does not paint a pretty picture for fans of Dendi and B8 Esports.

Dendi’s B8 Esports is Now On A 10-Game Losing Streak
Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

Overall the team has a 5-27 win-loss record since their inception. It is clear that the team is struggling and something needs to change for them to sustain themselves at the top tier Dota 2 scene.

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