[Watch] EternaLEnVy Buys a BKB in the Middle of a Fight to Save his Rapier and Beat EG

[Watch] EternaLEnVy Buys a BKB in the Middle of a Fight to Save his Rapier and Beat EG

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • EternaLEnVy outplays Evil Geniuses with a clutch BKB purchase when they're are about to kill him on his Divine Rapier Medusa.
  • Cloud9 end up winning the series, handing EG their first loss in the BTS Pro Series: Americas
  • Cloud9 now have a 4-21 win-loss record

We’ve always said that Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao is an entertaining player. No matter which way the game ends up going, you are guaranteed to enjoy watching him. Well, he delivered yet again.

This time, via an incredible outplay which saw him buy a BKB in the middle of a teamfight, to rescue himself from the 4 members of EG who surrounded him.

This play was a crucial part of Cloud9 winning the second game of the series against EG. EternaLEnVy and co. would later go on to win the third game of the series, handing Evil Geniuses their first loss of the BTS Pro Series: Americas tournament.

It was a bonkers series and is certainly worth a watch.

Cloud 9 had been struggling quite a bit, after their roster shuffle earlier last month. The team had only managed to secure a ridiculous 2-20 win-loss record heading into the series against Evil Geniuses.

With the win against Evil Geniuses, they’ve now pushed themselves towards a 4-21 record. Perhaps this is the turning point for the team. Perhaps they will go on to achieve great things. If that happens, we should always remember where it all started. That damn BKB purchase.

Image Courtesy: DotaElite

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