YapzOr Talks About Puppey and Why He Prefers to Stay in Team Secret

YapzOr Talks About Puppey and Why He Prefers to Stay in Team Secret

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • After Team Secret's win over Alliance, YapzOr gave an interview to the crew hosting the panel explaining why he has stayed in Team Secret for two years now.
  • He states that Puppey is the primary reason for this and that it is safe and stable with the Estonian Captain.
  • He also talks about his Pub Games calling it 'Strange'.

After Team Secret’s victory over Alliance earlier yesterday, they extended their winstreak at the ESL One LA Online League to 6 victories in a row. The team’s support Yazied "YapzOr" Jaradat talked to the crew hosting the tournament and gave us a glimpse at his life as Team Secret’s support player.

On Why He Continues To Play In Team Secret Even After Two Years With The Team

“A lot of it has to do with stability. I feel like, as long as I am with Puppey, I don’t need to worry about the biggest worry in Dota: having a captain. So it is safe, it is stable and obviously we’re good, so nothing to worry about for now at least.”

On The Current Patch and Meta.

“It is kind of strange, the meta. I don’t fully understand it and I don’t play that many pubs but every time I come into an official match, there is always something new that the guys tell me about and it’s cool.”

YapzOr also stated that he is not playing too many Dota 2 pubs these days and is currently "addicted" to Civilization and that this was just his ‘Quarantine Life’ now.

Team Secret’s final match of the Group Stages will be against Unique. The team hasn’t dropped a single series throughout the Groups and will be looking to move on to the playoffs with an undefeated streak.

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