[Watch] syndereN gets an Abandon due to a Bug. Volvo Please!

[Watch] syndereN gets an Abandon due to a Bug. Volvo Please!

Vignesh Raghuram
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Image Courtesy: PGL

  • Synderen encounters bug during a stream
  • Bug causes him to abandon instead of quitting the game
  • Multiple users complained that they also faced a similar issue

Popular streamer/talent Troels "syndereN" Nielsen was streaming Dota 2 when he encountered a massive bug that ended up ruining his game and 9 other players in the game.

SyndereN started lagging in-game, so he decided to restart the Dota 2 client. He disconnected from the game and pressed the ‘Power Button’ on the top right corner, however, a bug in Dota 2 caused an ‘Abandon Prompt’ to show up instead of the 'Quit Game' prompt.

SyndereN pressed the button by reflex and ended up abandoning the game.

The Stream Clip

After this clip was posted on Reddit, multiple players complained that they’ve been facing similar issues for weeks now and were just brushing it off. Valve needs to fix this annoying bug.

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