[Watch] Blitz and Capitalist shit-talk Techies Players and SirActionSlacks

[Watch] Blitz and Capitalist shit-talk Techies Players and SirActionSlacks

Vignesh Raghuram
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Image Courtesy: SirActionSlacks

We’ve all had that game with the Techies. You know the ones that make us question why this god forbidden hero is still in the game. The ones that make you want to smash your keyboard, mouse, uninstall Dota, and then burn your PC. Ring a bell? No? it’s just me?

Well, it looks like popular casting duo Capitalist and Blitz are also part of the ‘We hate Techies’ club. They certainly didn’t mince their words after VP.Zayac brought out his Techies and destroyed fellow CIS team Cyber Legacy utilizing it.

When Capitalist said that he liked the new Techies blast-off ability, Blitz decided to trash talk some Techies players and SirActionSlacks. He jokingly said:

“You know how in elementary school, you’re playing with bricks and stuff and then there is some weird kid that’s playing with his own pee or something, that’s the Techies player. It is like Slacks, I look at Slacks and he is huffing glue as fast as he can to get high.”

Capitalist responded by saying:

“I can see Slacks playing with his own faeces.” 

Just in case it wasn’t clear, the above statements were jokes. Techies certainly brings in a unique approach to the game. While it can be annoying for a lot of players, it is certainly a testament to Dota’s balancing team that heroes like Techies are still viable in the pro scene.

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