Raven Heroics Not Enough For Geek Fam to Pull Off the Victory at ESL One LA Online

Vignesh Raghuram
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We know we say this a lot. But this game really deserved it, holy moly, WHAT A GAME! Just like yesterday, BOOM Esports managed to pull off a 2-1 victory over Geek Fam to secure the victory and go to the top of the table.

With that, they’ve secured their place in the Playoffs.

Raven Heroics Not Enough For Geek Fam to Pull Off the Victory at ESL One LA Online

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They will face the only other undefeated team in the SEA division, Adroit in their final series of the Group Stages.

Geek Fam vs BOOM Esports

Game 1: Like their previous series against Adroit, Geek Fam got off to a perfect start to the series with a dominating performance in their opening series. Both their cores, Raven on the Gyrocopter and Karl on Leshrac had really good games easily securing the victory over the Indonesian team in 34 minutes.

Game 2: Geek Fam once again got off to a great start in Game 2. But some over-extensions from Kuku on Clockwerk and Xepher on Tiny kept BOOM Esports in the game. At around the 30-minute mark, Geek Fam simply didn’t have enough damage against the Indonesians allowing them to make the comeback and push it to a Game 3.

Game 3: The third game of the series was by far the most entertaining and wonky matches we’ve seen. It was absurd with throws and misplays, but one player truly shone above anyone else.

Raven played a fantastic game on his Lycan, almost flawlessly putting up a 22/2/11 scoreline and keeping his team in the game even when BOOM Esports looked like they were going to run away with the win. His positioning and target selection were all world-class showcasing just how good of a player he really was.

Unfortunately, that simply wasn’t enough to stave off the rampaging Indonesians who claimed the win and secured the top spot in the SEA division.

Geek Fam will play against Fnatic in their final series of the tournament. It will be a do or die matchup, considering the fact that they’ve lost both their matches so far in the ESL One Los Angeles Online SEA Division.

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