ESL One LA Online: Team Adroit Has Geek Fam’s Number Once Again.

Vignesh Raghuram
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Well, that was surely impressive from Team Adroit. After their victory in the WeSave! Charity Play tournament, the team managed to beat Geek Fam once again. This time with a 2-0 scoreline cementing their supremacy over the last few days.

Geek Fam vs Team Adroit

Game 1: We had a Meepo in the first game of the series, played to perfection by Natsumi. The player has really come into his own in recent weeks, more often than not being the X-factor that has made Team Adroit into a Tier 1 unit. He dominated the game putting up a 7/2/8 scoreline with a GPM/XPM of 704/744 leading his team to a quick 30-minute victory.

Game 2: The following game was much more even. Adroit played an Alchemist draft while Geek Fam played with Naga Siren and Templar Assassin as their cores. The early phase of the game was quite even, perhaps favouring Geek Fam who managed to keep pace with the Alchemist up until 20 minutes. 

However, a lost teamfight for Geek Fam at the 20-minute mark, thanks to Mac's incredible Aegis steal quickly snowballed into a massive lead for Team Adroit.

Alchemist then went on to farm up a storm giving out Aghanim's Scepters for all his allies, which they utilized to defeat Geek Fam in just over 55 minutes.

Geek Fam’s next match will be against BOOM Esports. Considering the fact that they Fnatic in their last series of the Group Stage, a win here is absolutely crucial for the team.

Team Adroit, on the other hand, will play Fnatic, in a clash of the titans. It will be interesting to see who leads the leaderboards after the next set of matches.

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