Ceb Calls Patch 7.25 One of the Worst Patches Ever. PPD Responds.

Vignesh Raghuram
Published On: 

Former OG player Sebastian “Ceb” Debs criticized the patch 7.25 for Dota 2. The two-time TI champion tweeted that this was one of the worst updates ever released in the game’s history. However, the player did not specify what exactly was wrong with this patch.

The biggest changes in 7.25 were

  • The changes to Hero Kill gold bounties which removed the team based rubber band mechanic for hero kills.

  • The increase in the cost of a TP scroll and changes to Boots of Travel, buffing splitpushing.

  • Addition of Aghanim’s Upgrades to Snapfire and Void Spirit.

We’re not sure about which of these changes ticked Ceb off.

In true PPD fashion, the captain of NiP responded with some classic Dota 2 banter.

What would we do without PPD in the Dota 2 world? The mean is a treasure trove of banter.

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