Dendi Responds to Criticism of his Hero Pool

Dendi Responds to Criticism of his Hero Pool

Vignesh Raghuram
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Danil “Dendi” Ishutin and Andrey "Ghostik" Kadyk recently uploaded a Podcast where the two discussed about B8 Esports and their competitive performance over the last few months. They spoke about a number of topics including how B8 Esports' performance has been disappointing, about their new carry player pio65, the new patch and how it affects them.

On the podcast, Dendi also responded to his critics. He said:

“I have nothing to say in my defence. I think those who shout stuff like ["if you ban Mars and Puck, then Danil is not in the game"], they’re watching the games badly.”

However, he also admitted that the team wasn’t performing well but that he felt optimistic.

“If you look at our performances, then our results are unsatisfactory, and now everything is sad. But in “DotA” everything comes in waves - both your progress and your success always comes in waves. Rise, rise and fall a little. I hope that now we will have a wave and we will rise and show better results.

Especially now a new patch has been released, quite a big one. It will affect many things. I will say that I really like I. But no one knows how it will be. I hope that we will quickly find a game style, heroes or strategies that will impress us, will suit us, and we will be able to show decent results.”

Dendi and Ghostik also spoke at length about their young carry pio65 and how he is improving as a player. 

Dendi talked about how he is improving.

“I can say that Sanya(pio65) is definitely trying and changing. He still needs to develop and improve in many more aspects. I am sure that he also learned a lot of new things for himself during the time that we’ve played together.

However, he also admitted that he has a long way to go.

“So far, yes, in many moments critical errors slip from him, which greatly affect the result.”

You can watch the full Podcast here:

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