Kyle Bashes Nigma: “How arrogant do you have to be? This is disrespectful..”

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 

Popular analyst and former Dota 2 pro-player Kyle "Kyle" Freedman was in the Analyst panel for the WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon Tournament which featured an elimination matchup between Nigma and Lil’s Aggressive Mode.

After winning Game 1 of the BO3, Nigma decided to take things lightly and clown around with their roles. Kuroky, for instance, played a Mid lane Slardar while Miracle played a hard-support Shadow Shaman.

This seemingly did not sit right with Kyle who decided to call them out, post-game. He pointed out Nigma’s ‘moves’ following TI9 which included breaking off from Team Liquid, skipping the first Major, finishing in 9th-12th place at the 2nd major and failing to qualify for the third major.

Then he stated:

“You come here to the last tournament your team is going to play, for a month and a half, and you put W33 offlane, GH jungle, Kuroky on a Core mid and Miracle on a hard support. What is this? How arrogant do you have to be? This is disrespectful to your opponent, (and) to your brand.

You are representing your own organisation. Do you want to get sponsored? This is how you think you are going to get it? Is there a circus in town? Do you think they need more clowns? It is ridiculous."

This is not the first time that Kyle has gone on a rant at an esports tournament. Earlier last year, he called out EternaLEnVy for kicking Gunnar at ESL One: Mumbai 2019 days after he helped his team qualify for the Major.

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