Female Dota 2 Player AXX Talks About Beating LGD Gaming

Female Dota 2 Player AXX Talks About Beating LGD Gaming

Vignesh Raghuram
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One of the first-ever Female Dota 2 players to make her way into the pro scene, AXX made it to the Chinese Regional Qualifiers of the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Major after beating PSG.LGD in a thriller. 

Unfortunately, her team finished in the last place in the Group Stages and were eliminated from the tournament.

The player streamed her entire progress on her stream at Huya. There she commented on her games against PSG.LGD. She stated:

“We had a simple game plan - to focus on Meepo and Gyrocopter, cover them with ult of Snapfire and other damage. We were not particularly worried during the game, as we knew that we had an advantage in the late game. ”

She also talked about her teammate Xiaoliu, saying:

“Xiaoliu is always late for training, I have to write to him every morning and wake him up. He’s constantly sleepy during the first games. ”

The player was one of Blaze’s key players in their impressive run to the regional qualifiers, despite only being a stand-in. However, she does not intend to go pro in the long run. She has stated that her parents do not want her to stay and compete in a team house with Male teammates 24/7.

Source: VPgame

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