Virtus.Pro Allegedly Poached Dendi’s Carry Forcing him to Sign a Rookie

Vignesh Raghuram
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Image Courtesy: B8 Esports

Earlier this week, Dendi announced his new team featuring some well-established CIS players including Ghostik, KingR, and LeBronDota. However, there was one name that stood out in this roster Alexandr “pio65” Zalivako.

This player was a complete rookie to the scene, with no experience at the highest tier of Pro Dota 2. Dendi has revealed that the player was not his first choice carry player and that he was forced to pick this player as a result of Virtus.Pro poaching Cooman from his team.

In this video, Dendi elaborates the circumstances of this team coming together. He stated that he made it clear that B8 Esports was not going to be like another CIS stack, but rather a proper esports organisation with contracts and conditions. The contract negotiation and signings were scheduled to be held at the bootcamp.

Cooman too was at the Bootcamp under a ‘gentleman’s agreement’. But he hadn’t yet signed the contract, since corrections had to be made. Dendi explained that Virtus.Pro had swooped in, in the meanwhile and signed Cooman. 

So Dendi was forced to sign a new player since he didn’t want “to pull someone from one of the teams.”

So this confirms that VP’s aggressive recruiting has directly hurt multiple teams in the CIS scene including Gambit Esports, Na’Vi and B8 Esports painting a giant target on their backs. If the team fails to perform in the upcoming ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Major: CIS Qualifiers, the team will certainly face a ton of flak from fans.

Note: The title has been edited for clarity. 

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