TNC Predator falls to Minor Champions Nigma in the DreamLeague Season 13 Leipzig Major

Vignesh Raghuram
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The reigning Major champions are off to a poor start in the DreamLeague Season 13 Leipzig Major. TNC Predator has opened their tournament run with a 1-2 loss to the WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020 Winners Team Nigma.

TNC Predator will now have to play against the loser of the Fnatic vs Aster matchup to keep their hopes of an Upper Bracket slot alive.

TNC Predator vs Team Nigma

Game 1: TNC Predator played a flawless game to open the series. They managed to win the laning stage, cruise through the mid-game and close out the game clinically to claim a 1-0 lead in this series.

Game 2: However, Nigma struck back with W33’s signature Outworld Devourer who massacred the SEA hopefuls with his impressive 12/1/12 performance. Miracle on his Ember Spirit also snowballed as a result allowing them to overrun TNC Predator to level the series.

Game 3: The third game was probably the most one-sided loss that TNC Predator have faced since their reshuffle after TI9. Team Nigma destroyed and disintegrated the Filipinos 25-1 to secure the series victory and move on to the Winner Bracket.

Nigma will now face the winner of the Fnatic vs Aster matchup for a spot in the upper brackets.

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