Mushi featured on Malaysian School Textbook

Mushi featured on Malaysian School Textbook

Vignesh Raghuram
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Malaysian Dota 2 legend Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung has been featured on a Malaysian school textbook, according to Redditor /u/thisaintthewayman

Image sourced from /r/Dota2

This section is reportedly from the “Bahasa Melayu” textbook aka the “Learn Malay workbook”, which is used to teach the Malay language to beginners.

Mushi is a SEA Dota 2 legend, who was the captain of the Mineski team who became the first SEA team to win a Minor as well as the first to win a Major. He also lead Orange Esports to a 3rd Place finish at The International 3, the highest ever for a SEA team. 

The player has also won over 1 Million Dollars in prize money throughout his career, making him the third richest Malaysian esports player behind xNova and MidOne. He currently plays in the SEA region with Brothers United.

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