N0tail has been banned from Twitch

N0tail has been banned from Twitch

Vignesh Raghuram
Published On: 

It has been an interesting week for N0tail and his fans. He kicked off the week by responding to Doublelift’s statements about how League of Legends was harder than Dota 2. 

Then the player hosted a Christmas stream where he played with popular players like Gorgc and SingSing. Following that stream, the two-time TI winner has been banned from Twitch.

Although many jokingly claim that N0tail was only banned because Twitch administrators were League of Legends fanboys, in all likelihood the player has been banned for a serious offence: saying the word “fa**ot” on Livestream.

The ban would not have been surprising for N0tail, considering the fact that the player was even warned by SingSing during the stream. The beaverknight made it clear that the Slur that N0tail used was against Twitch’s ‘Terms of Service’.

Twitch banning streamers for uttering the F-word isn’t really new. Earlier this year, multiple streamers including Electronic music producer deadmau5 as well as popular variety streamers m0E and Destiny were banned for the same offence.

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