Evil Geniuses stomp Team Secret to secure a Top 3 Finish at the World Pro Invitational SG

Evil Geniuses stomp Team Secret to secure a Top 3 Finish at the World Pro Invitational SG

Vignesh Raghuram
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Evil Geniuses managed to establish themselves as genuine contenders for the title after securing a Top 3 finish at the One Esports World Pro Invitational Singapore. The North Americans were simply superb as they didn’t give Team Secret any openings across both games.

They simply dominated the European team, across both series, closing out the series in under an hour to make their way into the Winner Bracket Finals.

Evil Geniuses vs Team Secret

Game 1: Evil Geniuses picked an aggressive, snowballing lineup featuring a TIdehunter, Bloodseeker and a Templar Assassin forcing Team Secret to take early engagements. Although the Europeans managed to hold on through the early-mid game stage, a massive Roshan steal from Evil Geniuses proved to be the straw that broke Secret’s back, overwhelming them, allowing the NA powerhouse to claim victory.

Game 2: The second game saw Team Secret pick up an aggressive lineup featuring Magnus and Bloodseeker as their cores. But Evil Geniuses managed to win the lanes thanks to some great movement by Cr1t, allowing them to arrest Team Secret’s momentum and snowball to a quick 20-minute victory.

Tomorrow we will see Evil Geniuses take on Gambit Esports, who managed to win their matchup against Alliance to secure a place in the Winner Bracket Finals.

We will also see the first eliminations of the playoffs stage when Na’Vi take on Virtus Pro and TNC take on Vici Gaming. This will surely be an electric set of matches.

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