TNC Predator off to a disastrous start in the One Esports World Pro Invitational 2019

TNC Predator off to a disastrous start in the One Esports World Pro Invitational 2019

Vignesh Raghuram
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The MDL Chengdu Major Champions aren’t really looking too hot at the moment. Even though they were dubbed as one of the favourites to take the event, their performance in the Group Stages hasn’t lived up to the expectations.

They’ve only managed to win a single game after a 1-1 Tie against J.Storm and a 0-2 loss against Alliance puts their playoff qualification hopes in peril. Just one more 0-2 loss, would push them to the brink of elimination.

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TNC Predator vs J.Storm

Although the first game saw J.Storm beat TNC Predator 28-11 in just 33 minutes, the game was far closer than the scoreline and stats might suggest. The Filipinos were always within touching distance of the NA team, but J.Storm took a decisive teamfight in the 30-minute mark to close out the game.

In Game 2, TNC struck back with a fury. Gabbi had a phenomenal performance on his Terrorblade putting up a 9/0/7 scoreline and just mowed through the J.Storm lineup with ease to claim a 26-minute victory for his side.

TNC Predator vs Alliance

The first game was quite a rough one for TNC Predator. They lost 2 out of their 3 lanes and got completely dominated by the Alliance lineup, without being able to land a single blow. The Filipinos were always on the back foot. Some great splitpushing and an Aegis steal from Tims managed to delay the game. However, it was only a delaying tactic as Alliance still managed to secure the win in the late game.

The 2nd game was much closer in the early game, but once the mid-game kicked in, Alliance took complete control and still managed to secure a 39-minute victory.

TNC Predator’s final game of the day will be up against Team Aster. A win in this game is absolutely crucial for the Filipino team considering the sheer calibre of the rest of the teams in TNC’s group.

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