TNC Predator becomes the First Filipino Team in History to Win a Major

TNC Predator becomes the First Filipino Team in History to Win a Major

Vignesh Raghuram
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Note: We've used WESG's criteria. At least 3 players from a team need to be from the same country to consider them as national representatives. 

They’ve actually done it. TNC Predator became the first-ever Filipino based team to win a Valve Major after they managed to secure a scintillating 3-1 victory to claim the title. They walk away with $300,000 USD and 4850 DPC points to their name.

TNC Predator vs ViCi Gaming

The first game saw Gabbi and Armel style all over the ViCi Gaming lineup, claiming multiple kills in the early game and farming themselves up to ease their way to a 10k gold lead by the 23-minute mark, with the superior late-game lineup. The easily claimed the 1-0 lead in this series.

TNC got their hands on the Morph-Earthshaker combo and confidently showed us that the combo was still broken, despite their loss to ViCi Gaming with it in the Winner Bracket Finals. However, ViCi Gaming struck back in Game 3 with Eurus’ Nightstalker and Dy’s KOTL handing the team an easy victory. TNC certainly didn’t help their cause in this game by picking up Ursa, one of the weakest heroes in this meta.

The fourth game saw TNC Predator pickup the Morphling-Earthshaker combo once again, this time pairing it up with a Disruptor-Naga Siren. ViCi Gaming took control of the game with some great early-game play and a farmed Ori Templar Assassin. However, TNC brought it back courtesy the Earthshaker-Morphling combo, and by executing some great teamfights with some sick Song of the Siren - Static Storm combos. They finally closed out the game after 63 minutes to secure the win.

There is no time to rest for the Filipino favourites, however. They will be competing in the WESG 2019: World Finals as well as the DreamLeague Season 13: SEA Qualifiers in the upcoming weeks.

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