Lil responds to AdmiralBulldog’s accusation about stream sniping

Lil responds to AdmiralBulldog’s accusation about stream sniping

Nishant Patel
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On October 12th, popular Dota 2 streamer Henrik “Admiralbulldog” Ahnberg took to Twitter to accuse Winstrike player Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk of stream sniping against him in a pub game. The game in question featured Lil playing Zeus who consistently managed to deward versus Bulldog’s team. 

Lil has since responded (via, denying the accusations while calling out Bulldog for having “too high of an opinion” of himself. His statement also mentions that he did not even know that he was playing against AdmiralBulldog.

“It is amusing that some people just believe that someone cares about them and, in general, have too high an opinion of themselves. We played, and I did well on Zeus. Broke all wards. As a result, people ... I did not even know that he was streaming. I didn’t even know that I was playing against AdmiralBuldog, but he decided to shitpost (otherwise I can’t call it) on Twitter, and say I'm a streamsniper, etc. On he said so on stream. On the other hand, it’s nice that you just play DotA, and it’s not like you tried hard and sweated, and then you’re called a streamsniper. Well, at least not a map hacker.” - Lil’s statement translated by /u/zikurat_media on /r/dota2.

While it’s not unusual for a professional position 4 Dota 2 player to be good at dewarding, especially when playing a hero like Zeus, a similar incident has occurred between Bulldog and Lil in the past.

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