Team Liquid eliminate Team Secret from TI for the third time in a row

Team Liquid eliminate Team Secret from TI for the third time in a row

Vignesh Raghuram
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Image via Valve

Team Liquid look unstoppable in the Lower Brackets. They’ve now won 9 games in-a-row beating a multitude of teams culminating in a 2-0 triumph over Team Secret to make their way into the Lower Bracket Finals.

Team Liquid vs Team Secret

Game 1: With Team Secret picking up the unbeaten core IO, Team Liquid chose to resort to W33’s signature Meepo and a Leshrac for Miracle in an attempt to close out the game before it came online. The strategy worked, with Team Liquid playing at a pace that Secret just couldn’t keep up with. Nisha couldn’t even farm his Aghanim’s Scepter before Team Liquid removed all of Secret’s outer towers.

With the overwhelming net worth advantage, Team Liquid marched up high ground to demolish Secret’s base and force the GG call.

Game 2: Team Secret started off Game 2 in a much better note. They seemed equipped to deal with W33’s Alchemist, just like they did earlier today against Vici Gaming. However, it proved to be ineffectual as the Alchemist backed up by a Dark Seer was simply a raidboss. Team Secret just couldn’t deal with the sheer damage output and tankiness of the hero and ended up conceding the game and the series.

Team Liquid now has a huge opportunity to make it to The Grand Finals. Only PSG.LGD stands in their way. The Chinese juggernauts will be their biggest challenge yet. Can we see an All-European Grand Finals for the first time since TI3?

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