OG make it to their 2nd TI Grand Finals in a row

OG make it to their 2nd TI Grand Finals in a row

Vignesh Raghuram
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OG made history today. They became the first-ever team to make it to back-to-back Grand Finals with the same exact set of players. In the rematch of last year's Winner Bracket Finals, OG secured a 2-1 victory over PSG.LGD to book their place in the Grand Finals.

It was a tight matchup with both teams playing near-perfect Dota. However, in the end, the European team manage to clutch the victory on the back of ana's flawless Alchemist play.


Game 1: OG decided to pick up a lineup eerily similar to their championship-winning draft in Game 5 of last year's Grand Final with Nature's Prophet and Zeus in their ranks. PSG.LGD opted to go with a Gyrocopter for Maybe backed up by Ame's Ember and Chalice's Tidehunter. The game was very even with neither team giving an inch to the opposition. One mistake from ana was all it took for PSG.LGD to punish OG and secure the victory for the Chinese team. Interestingly, the Chinese crowd booed OG after their loss.

Game 2: Perhaps that was all the motivation OG needed as they struck back by going back to their Kiev Major roots with an Alchemist pick for ana and backed him up with a Chen. Ana managed to farm himself a 10-minute radiance and rolled through the PSG.LGD lineup without the Chinese team laying a dent on them. He just did way too much damage and was just way too tanky. He managed to waltz into the base and easily took down the Tier 3 towers to force the GG call.

Ceb taunting the crowd after that victory showed us that OG definitely noticed the Boos and utilized it to their advantage

Game 3: The final game was yet another nail-biting match. LGD gave up the Alchemist and Chen combo again, but this time they picked up a far more aggressive lineup and were initially able to punish OG's greed with constant rotations and multiple kills delaying Alchemist's item timings. However, a botch teamfight at the Roshan pit handed all the advantage to OG with which they took map control and 2 lanes of Barracks. Eventually, OG teamwiped PSG.LGD to leave them reeling against Mega Creeps and secured the 2-1 victory.

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