Fnatic and Keen Gaming eliminated from TI9 by Team Liquid and Infamous

Vignesh Raghuram
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After 2 gruelling BO1 matches, we witnessed two more teams being eliminated from the International 2019. Fnatic and Keen Gaming were eliminated from the tournament in last place taking home ~$500,000 each.

Team Liquid vs Fnatic

Fnatic kicked off the game on the front foot, with iceiceice’s signature Timbersaw dominating the lanes. However, Team Liquid transitioned to the mid-game by teamwiping Fnatic and securing a ton of momentum.

The Game was still very even, until the 36-minute mark with neither team amassing more than 5000 gold lead. However, Team Liquid teamwiped Fnatic after DJ whiffed a Black Hole, which gave the Europeans a massive opening to close out the game. 

Liquid took full advantage and pushed down the Fnatic base to secure the win.

Infamous vs Keen Gaming

Keen Gaming started the game extremely aggressively and tried to win all 3 lanes in the laning phase. However, a Psi-Blade courier kill from Chris Luck on the Templar Assassin put a wrench on those well laid out plans.

Keen Gaming, undeterred, stuck to their playstyle and 5-man pushed towers and found multiple kills on Infamous heroes. However, the Peruvians never really were leaking gold, thanks to the sheer efficiency of the Infamous cores.

One fight was all it took for Infamous to grab control of the game. Keen Gaming, after securing an Aegis, overestimated their advantage and tried to take the fight to the South American team. The South American team managed to teamwipe Keen Gaming in reply and snowballed from there to easily secure the win.

So TNC Predator will face Team Liquid, later tomorrow in a BO3 elimination match.

The Final Game of the day: Mineski vs Na’Vi is live on the main stage.

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