Valve revamps Ranked Matchmaking, No more Solo | Party MMR.

Valve revamps Ranked Matchmaking, No more Solo | Party MMR.

Vignesh Raghuram
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Valve has just released one of the biggest ranked matchmaking updates in Dota 2 history, with some drastic changes to the MMR system “to allow for bigger changes and better analytical capabilities”.

With an official blog post, Valve announced a massive matchmaking update addressing several of the community’s complaints and that they’re going to change the whole ideology of Dota 2 matchmaking.

They’ve pushed out an update that adds an ‘experimental matchmaking system’ which focuses towards the team play and social aspects of the game while also giving us an accurate representation of the player’s skill. The update removes the two types of MMRs, party and solo but instead adds two new ones Support MMR/Core MMR.

The New System

With these changes, Valve has also decided to move the Ranked Roles feature to the public domain. Players can now choose to queue for different roles (Soft Support, Hard Support, Offlane, Midlane and Safelane) or a combination of them by default (Previously, it was exclusive to Dota Plus users). In the end, players will be matched based on their Core or Support MMR.

Each MMR type will also have its own, separate leaderboard. Valve has also suggested that there will be a separate calibration phase for both Core and Support each season.

To summarize

  • Two new types of MMR (Core and Support MMR numbers)
  • Each MMR type will also have its own leaderboard
  • Party and Solo MMR are now considered the same
  • Ranked roles are part of base ranked Matchmaking rather than only Dota plus exclusive

The matchmaking system has always been one of the most controversial aspects of Dota 2. Both pro players and pub players have voiced out their displeasure with it. It has certainly played a major part, in the decline of the Dota 2 player base.

It seems like it has finally grabbed Valve’s attention and has forced them to make these drastic changes. This is certainly one of the biggest changes to the matchmaking system, since the introduction of Ranked Matchmaking and is certain to have far-flung consequences in the long run.

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