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TI11 Battle Pass’ Candyworks Guide: How to Get Arcanas and Candies

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Diretide makes its annual return into the game as part of the Battle Pass: Part II update.
The update also features a new mechanic, where players could trade-in rewards in the form of a Candy Sack for exclusive prizes including Arcanas
Here is our guide on how to play the Candyworks shop.

The yearly Dota 2 event Diretide returns to the game. However, the update also features the addition of the Candyworks within the game client, where players can exchange Candy Sacks that they earn from matches for rewards ranging from limited edition hero sets to Arcanas to custom Roshan skins.

With that being said, here is our guide on how to play the Candyworks shop to increase your chances of getting rare rewards like Arcanas and custom Roshan skins.

A Guide to Candyworks: Arcanas, Candys, and More

Candyworks: Overall System

For starters, the overall system gives the players three different options for them to choose from; however the reward must be paid in the form of candy, which is obtainable from Candy Sacks. For each type of reward, you would require a specific amount & types of candy pieces however it varies from item to item.

Each week you can earn up to 5 candy pieces per week, however players with a high Battle Pass level can increase the limits. Should you miss a certain type of candy, you can exchange other types of candy for that specific piece; however you would have to be mindful of certain aspects of exchanging candies.

  1. Weekly trade recipes exchange are more valuable than the customized one. This is due to the fact that you will have to trade 3 candies for 1 specific candy for the customized version. However, weekly trade recipes allow you to gain more depending on the recipe.

  2. As of now, the rarity of candy type has not been made publicly known. However, based on what we have noticed so far the blue and green candies are the most common and most rare respectively.

  3. Players will have a limited amount of storage space for candies, however increasing the Battle Pass level will help you to unlock more space.

Candy Storage Space

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How To Earn Candy Sacks & Rerolls

To earn candies, there are three primary methods on how to earn it. The first method is by getting it as a reward for leveling up the Battle Pass. The second method is to recycle treasures for the candy sack. And the last method is by playing games. However, the last method will not earn you full pieces of candy as there is a progress bar and the progress depends on the game mode and the result. The progress percentage is as follows:

  • Turbo or Diretide match loss — 10%

  • Turbo or Diretide match win — 20%

  • Normal or Ranked match loss — 20%

  • Normal or Ranked match win — 40%

You will earn the maximum weekly candy only if you win 13 normal or ranked matches in a row. However, that would be the best case scenario. The numbers are doubled if you decide to play Turbo or Diretide matches.

As for rerolls, you can get one for winning a match in any game mode however you can only get a maximum of 10 rerolls per week.

Weekly Candy Sacks progress bar

How to get an Arcana in the Candyworks 

Now, what would be a shop without rewards? The Candyworks offers some amazing rewards, ranging from Diretide exclusives to Arcanas. 

So, what would be the best case scenario to get an Arcana from the shop? First of all, an Arcana would require 16 candy pieces. That would not be an issue for most players as they could afford it. However the hard part is to actually get the Arcana to appear at the shop itself.

To have a better chance for the Arcana to appear in the shop, you should maximize the reroll mechanics as it randomizes the type of reward you get. Another important factor is to purchase every Diretide exclusive you could find. The reason behind this is that the game system will often spawn these items should you ignore them, and since it's an exclusive item you will not get a duplicate. By buying the exclusive items from the rolls, you will remove them from the system spawn pool and stand to have a better chance of getting the good stuff.

Arcana in the Candyworks.

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The shop will be available until the Battle Pass expires on the 12th January next year. So be sure to maximize your earnings at the Candyworks.

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