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How To Order Dota 2 Merchandise From TI11 Secret Shop

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The annual Secret Shop will be available to TI11 attendees during the Finals Weekend.
Fans attending TI11 can purchase merchandise online and collect it at the venue.
For people watching the event remotely, an online version of the Secret Shop is available.

With only four teams remaining for The International 2022 (TI11) Finals Weekend, the venue is expected to change from SunTec Singapore to Singapore Indoor Stadium. However, despite the venue change Valve’s annual Secret Shop will be available throughout the weekend for both on-site and online purchases. For those unfamiliar with the Secret Shop at The International (TI), it is a shop where Dota 2 fans are able to buy TI merchandise as well as official Dota 2 apparel.

However, this year there are two main methods for Dota 2 fans to be able to purchase said merchandise.

On-site Secret Shop will be available during the Finals Weekend

On-site Purchase

For those that are interested in purchasing Dota 2 merchandise during the Finals Weekend live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the Secret Shop is available on-site at the venue. However, attendees would have to order their items online as the shop does not allow for on-site purchases of items mostly in compliance with Singapore’s COVID-19 regulations.

However, attendees can purchase their items online and pick up their bought items at the venue after placing their order. Attendees must have an event badge in order to allow for on-site pickup as it allows them to identify the buyer accordingly. The exact location and more details of the shop at the TI11 Finals will be revealed prior to the weekend.

People that are attending the event can purchase their items at the eClubStore website and self-pickup their items at the event.

Online Purchase

For the Dota 2 fans that will be watching the event online this year, Valve has partnered with multiple merchandise partners to allow new Dota 2 merchandise to be available for all regions.

For China, Valve has partnered with Taobao for its own online version of the Secret Shop this year to allow Chinese fans to be able to purchase items online. The website can be found here.

For other regions, Valve has partnered with We Are Nations as its official online merchandise partner. Additionally, the site offers merchandise that is otherwise unavailable for the on-site Secret Shop, such as Ogre Magi’s line of merchandise and more.

The website for online purchasing can be found here.

Ogre Magi's line of merch

While these are the two official sources for Dota 2 merchandise purchasing, certain teams are also selling their own team merchandise all around Singapore such as BOOM Esports and Alliance at pop up stores in the Funan Mall.

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