How To Play Among Us In Dota 2


How To Play Among Us In Dota 2

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • Dota 2 Among Us featuring Dota 2 heroes and unique abilities is now available.
  • This is a remake of the original Among Us game that can be found in the Arcade mode.
  • The game is currently only available in Russian, but the English translation is scheduled to be released in about a week according to the devs.

Popular CIS Dota 2 YouTubers XENO and Meeponegeroi have made a custom game of Among Us in the Dota 2 client dubbed: “Dota 2 Among Us Edition”. This is a remake of Among Us in the style of Dota 2, with the rules of the original, but the characters and environmental elements utilize elements from within the Dota 2 game.

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What is Dota 2 Among Us Edition?

  • Dota 2 Among Us Edition is a remake of the popular Among Us game featuring Dota 2 heroes and other recognizable Dota 2 environmental elements.

  • The key feature differentiating it from the original game is the fact that each hero has a unique ability when playing as an imposter, adding depth to the game.

How to play Dota 2 Among Us Edition?

Getting Started:

  • To download the game within the Dota 2 client, begin by subscribing to ‘Dota 2 Among Us Edition’, in the official steam workshop. Following which you can find the game within the Arcade Tab in the game.

  • Choose your hero. You will randomly get the role of a civilian or an imposter. For 10 players, there will be 2 imposters.
How To Play Among Us In Dota 2
Dota 2 Among Us Edition is currently available inside the Dota 2 custom client

How to play as a Civilian:

  • Complete all tasks on the map. When the "Total task" streak reaches the end or there are no imposters left in the game, the civilians will win.
  • By clicking on the bell in the center of the map or by finding a corpse, you will call for a vote. At the vote, you, through discussion with other civilians, you must find the imposters and execute them.
  • If you are killed, you cannot speak, but you can still perform tasks in spirit form.

How to play as an Imposter:

  • The imposters can win if they kill all the civilians or they outnumber them. 
  • Imposters have the following abilities:
    • Ability to kill once every 30 seconds
    • A unique ability of the hero: The unique ability depends on the hero and helps you to throw off suspicion from yourself.
    • 4 sabotages.
How To Play Among Us In Dota 2
Sabotage abilities possessed by Imposters
How To Play Among Us In Dota 2
One of the passive abilities that heroes possess in Dota 2 Among Us Edition

Why play Dota 2 Among Us Edition over the original game?

  • Easy way to play a casual game of Among Us with your Dota 2 parties. Do not need to switch games, since it exists within the Dota 2 client.
  • Inbuilt Voice Communication System
  • Unique Abilities add another layer of depth to the game

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How To Play Among Us In Dota 2

Currently, the game is only playable in Russian. However, the game’s original developer XENO has confirmed that an English version of the game will be added in about 1 week.

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