These Are the Most Popular Counter-Strike 2 Streamers in India!

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These Are the Most Popular Counter-Strike 2 Streamers in India!


Although Counter-Strike 2 is still active in India, the undeniable rise of Valorant seems to have taken up a significant market share from CS.
Skyesports recently hosted major tournaments for Counter-Strike 2 in India, such as the Grand Slam and Masters 2024.

Counter-Strike has played a pivotal role in structuring the Indian Esports scene, spotlighting many talented players on a national scale. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CC: GO) emerged as one of the most successful Esports titles in the country, with various organizations hosting tournaments boasting substantial prize pools.

However, it is evident that Riot Games’ Valorant has taken a considerable market share and has seen an influx of gamers move to the new tactical shooter. Despite this shift, hardcore CS fans are still celebrating the latest installment, Counter-Strike 2, with both professional and retired players continuing to stream the game. If you are one of the devoted fans, here are some of the best Indian streamers dedicated to CS2.

These Indian Streamers Are Keeping the Counter-Strike Spirit Alive!


Tejas “Rite2Ace” Sawant has been a part of the Counter-Strike Esports scene in India since the early days. He has played for several famed Indian teams and won numerous accolades throughout his successful CS: GO career. Although he briefly switched over to Valorant, he has made his return to competitive Counter-Strike 2, currently playing for Grayfox Esports. Rite2Ace has been regularly streaming CS2 for his fans on his YouTube channel.


Agneya “Marzil” Koushik is one of the most recognized names in the Counter-Strike Esports landscape in India, as he began his professional CS: Go career way back in 2013. He has won numerous championships, cementing his place in the Indian CS: GO history books. After switching to Valorant for a brief period, Marzil has made his triumphant return with Counter-Strike 2, signing with Grayfox Esports along with Rite2Ace.

While he hasn't maintained a consistent streaming schedule for CS2, his inaugural stream after joining Grayfox Esports was yesterday, leaving fans eager for more frequent streams in the near future.


Kiran “Rossi” Rudresh is arguably one of the best Counter-Strike players in recent times, beginning his professional CS: GO career in 2017. This excellent entry fragger is currently signed up with True Rippers Esports to continue his journey with Counter-Strike 2. 


Tanmay "Sc0utOP" Singh is undeniably one of the biggest gaming influencers and streamers in India, captivating millions of fans with his proficiency in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). However, only a few fans know that Sc0ut also used to play competitive CS: GO before making his switch to mobile gaming and ultimately conquering BGMI. While he mostly sticks to mobile gaming, you can occasionally catch him streaming Valorant and Counter-Strike 2, along with other games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

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