Top 10 Epic Plays from the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

Top 10 Epic Plays from the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 was one of the most intense and competitive majors in the history of Counter-Strike. The main storyline for the major was that of redemption, with Astralis fighting its way through to lift (break) the trophy.

It was three whole weeks of top-class Counter-Strike action with a mixed bag of good and bad plays. Here is our list of ten plays from the tournament that got us standing and screaming while rewatching the replays over and over.

1. Device - Revolting Against Valve

3 Health. 3 Bullets. 3 Opponents. 3 Kills. Device Victory. Rest Was History.

2. ZywOohooooooo

Vitality against AVANGAR in the Quarterfinals and down by nine rounds, ZywOo turns up the cheer for the French side by taking a clutch ace against AVANGAR.

3. Lia-ezzzz

FaZe out of utility and up against a lone surviving Liazz from Renegades, picks off four to take the round in favour of the Australian side.

4. Tap dancing with a Deagle

Well, the commentators' excitement level is enough to tell how epic this play from Espiranto was. Tapped his way to victory.

5.  When you forget the defuse code

G2 Esports went for the retake and did a fabulous job, but left the site without defusing the ticking bomb. Losing the round because of their miscommunication.

6. Just KennyS things

He had an AWP, it was a clutch. He took the shots, planted the bomb and won the round.

7. Chris J - The ace that became a Ballad

“What’s North of the smoke?”, Karrigan shouted.

No reply, as everyone held their positions with bated breath. The silence was broken by the crackling sound of an M4A4 being fired, Chris J had emptied an entire magazine as four bodies lay motionless at the exit of the archway.

Eyes wide in panic, he dropped his rifle and picked up the sniper rifle, turning the corner just in time to catch the lone flanker, putting him to rest.

8. Half-Century for the young lad

While playing out a long-drawn duel again Astralis on Train. NRG star player, Cerq, took his 50th kill in style as he sniped Device off a triple boost.

9. Olofmeister - Adding an ‘Oomph’ to his AWPing

Facing a one versus two situation against Renegades, Olof took the matter in his own hands which held an AWP. He secured the kills in style, winning the round for his side.

10. Deadly Discipline

Stanislaw holding B on Nuke alone, showed immense trigger discipline against Astralis, winning a crucial round for his side by taking a triple.

These are the ten plays that really stood out for us during the Berlin Major. What was your favourite moment from the Major? Tell us in the comment section below!

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