Zeus Talks About Plans Of Creating A New CS:GO Team


Zeus Talks About Plans of Creating a New CS:GO Team

The retired CS:GO player is keen on creating a new CS:GO team.

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Retired CS:GO player Zeus talks about his plans of creating a new team.
Zeus wants to create both a main and an academy roster, while also expressing his philosophy between how the two rosters will work in tandem.
The 34-year-old has also been working with the Mayor of Kharkiv on the possibility of an esports academy.

Retired CS:GO professional player Danylo Ihorovych "Zeus" Teslenko who spent most of his time on the popular Ukrainian esports organization NAVI, recently discussed his plans about starting a new CS:GO team.

The 34-year-old spoke about some of the ideas for his upcoming team on his personal Telegram channel which is originally in Ukrainian. According to this, Zeus will be assembling two teams, a main roster along with an academy team. He also elaborated on his philosophy behind how these two rosters will be working in tandem with eachother.

If these plans turn into reality, Zeus will become the owner of two different teams, as he is already the founder of the Ukrainian organization pro100 currently without an active roster.

Zeus talks about his plans of establishing a new CS:GO team

Former captain of NAVI's CS:GO team and a one-time Major winner, Zeus, has kept himself busy since retiring from the professional scene in September 2019.

He first released his autobiography titled 'Against All Odds: The Way to Victory' in both Russian and English languages, then he went on to discuss various esports initiatives with the mayor of the city of Kharkiv, worked on esports related projects to improve the scene within Ukraine, and has even spoken about taking on the role of a coach once CS:GO goes back to LAN.

Zeus CS:GO Autobiography - Against All Odds

Amidst all this, Zeus now has plans of creating a new CS:GO team which will house both a main and an academy roster. Talking about the team itself and players that might be on the roster he says that,

What do I want to tell you about the team? Well, there are a couple of teams in mind that I want to take a look at. But I will do everything gradually, in stages, I have decided no to fuss about it right now. I want to take a closer look and sign the best roster.
Danylo Ihorovych "Zeus" Teslenko

Note: The above statement has been translated using Google, with minor chanes for brevity and clarity.

Explaining why he wants to have both a main and an academy roster, Zeus explained that if a player on the main lineup was caught in a slump, is not able to perform well, burnt out physically, or felt mentally fatigued, they could simply opt to join the academy roster.

In the same way, if a newcomer was to play really well, outperformed his peers, and showcased a desire to perform on the big stage, they could be promoted to the main roster. This is the philosophy that Zeus believes in, which is partially similar to the working principle of NAVI's current academy roster.

More details about this upcoming team were not revealed by Zeus who plans to take this idea forward gradually at this own pace.

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