YEKINDAR Talks About Having His Own Late Night Talk Show


YEKINDAR Talks About Having His Own Late Night Talk Show With CS:GO Players

To be honest, he would be a fantastic host.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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YEKINDAR shared his idea of owning a late-night talk show with CS:GO players after he retires.
YEKINDAR also spoke about how he loves to be in front of the camera, giving interviews or creating content.

The agressive entry fragger from Latvia, Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis, has been a saving grace for Team Liquid, providing its CS:GO roster with a surge of motivation and ideas which reflects in the team's recent performances.

It is definitely a surprise that the North American organization has not been able to sign him permanently till now. He continues to compete in a temporary capacity with the team.

However, this has not diminished his outspoken character, which was on full display during his recent interview with CS.Money. Yekindar candidly spoke about his ideas of hosting a late-night talk show featuring CS:GO players and personalities.

YEKINDAR shares his dream idea of hosting a late-night talk show with CS:GO players and personalities

Everyone is familiar with the talented Latvian rifler YEKINDAR and his charming personality that does not shy away from the camera. He belongs to the rarest breed of esports athletes that loves to engage with the audience and is ever enthusiastic to create content.

"I love cameras, I love people, and I'm a super extrovert. I like joking around, and I love comedy, so I'm always down to do interviews," says the 22-year-old while describing how he is always in the limelight throughout any CS:GO tournament.

YEKINDAR enjoying with Team Liquid

In one of segments of the interview YEKINDAR, candid as ever, went on a tangent to share his idea of hosting a late-night talk show after he retires as a professional CS:GO player.

"One of my dreams is to have a late night [talk] show with CS:GO players," expressed YEKIDNAR, "When I retire, I'm gonna be having one - 'So our today's guest is EliGE, how does it feel to be the second-best player in NA?' Something like that, you know? Bantering and joking around. That's my dream."

He goes on to talk about the importance of engaging with the audience through the use of social media, interviews, content pieces, and more. He believes it forms a much deeper and more understanding bond between a player and its fans.

It is an interesting thought and idea and seems like a great retirement plan with the potential to take off, especially with YEKIDNAR hosting the whole show.

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