xQc Flaunts His Trade Collection Just Minutes After CS2 Launches


xQc Flaunts His Trade Collection Just Minutes After CS2 Launches

Aditi Joshi
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Just an hour into playing the newly launched CS2, famous Twitch streamer xQc has bagged some of the rarest items in the game.
He has amassed some top-tier, rare skins and items that are normally not easy to win despite trading at a high value.
xQc has also shared his reaction live, playing the game in shock while his fans are in awe.

The sequel to Counter Strike: Global Offensive is here. And while some of us are busy navigating through the game and finding our ‘firsts’, xQc has shocked the gaming community with insane, high-stakes trade ups. While many streamers are showing off their ‘firsts’ on various streaming platforms, xQc managed to bag not one but multiple exotic skins on the first day of release. In this article, we'll take a look at the unattainable skins that xQc has managed to attain. 

Weapons Amassed by xQc

By sheer luck and probably a little bit of strategy, xQc was able to bag some of the rarest items in the game. And there is nothing that screams CS2 more than unboxing these expensive skins. The look on xQc’s face was priceless as he went on to win more and more rare skins, which included Ak Fire Serpent STT FN, Gungnir AWP, Dragon Lore AWP skin in tradeups, and Kara Doppler P3 FN in a case. 

The popular streamer has amassed over $15,000 worth of rare skins. Everyone, including xQc, was shell-shocked as all the cards seemed to be in his favor. Just in the beginning, xQc landed a big win with the Karambit Doppler, a top-tier knife skin, and a widely popular one at that. The tiger-clawed knife was first introduced eight years ago in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The skin now carries a price tag of around $1500. 

Continuing the bandwagon of xQc’s good luck, he decided to trade in ten skins, hoping for a worthy barter. But what came forth was bigger than what he expected. The virtual treasure that he obtained was the mesmerizing and legendary Dragon Lore AWP skin, which rounds around to a whopping cost of $10,000. 

And if you thought he was done here, you are wrong. Because the next time he traded ten skins, he received the Fire Serpent skin for the AK47. This skin drop is super rare, making this a remarkable moment for xQc and the live watchers. Along with this, he was also able to obtain the Gungrir skin for AWP, a rare find that is usually available in The Norse Collection. This gun’s price swings between $7,000 and $12,000. 

xQc has definitely shown that extremely good luck can take you far, far away. This definitely adds to the excitement of the new release of CS2, making this a memorable moment for the gaming community. While it can be hard to come by such rare finds, seeing xQc bag them has definitely shed a glimmer of hope on the watchers, who are now looking forward to engage in these trades. 

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