ZywOo Executes The Most Difficult Hinge Smoke On Dust2


[Watch] ZywOo Perfectly Executes the Most Difficult Hinge Smoke on Dust 2

Hitting a smoke like that in the middle of a match, just ZywOo things!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During the Team Vitality vs Sprout match at the ongoing IEM Cologne 2022, ZywOo perfectly nailed the most complex hinge smoke on Dust 2 in CS:GO.
ZywOo made all the precise micro-adjustments during the live match, executing the notorious 'Mid Door' pixel smoke all the way from 'Pit'.
The utility was a massive success, pulling multiple rotations from Sprout towards 'Mid' from 'A-Site' aiding ZywOo in getting a clean frag towards 'Barrels'.

IEM Cologne 2022 has kicked off with some of the best CS:GO teams from around the world competing against each other. Team Vitality, after starting out from the play-in stage, has already made it to the second upper bracket round of 'Group-A', with Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut having delivered the most mindblowing utility lineup so far.

During their match against Sprout in the play-in stage, Vitality was trailing by a map but this did not stop ZywOo from executing the most complex hinge smoke on Dust 2, from 'Pit' all the way to 'Mid Doors'.

The clip of him executing this smoke exploded across the CS:GO community, many in awe of the fact that he executed it to perfection in the middle of a round just like any other normal utility throw.

ZywOo finesses the most complex hinge smoke on Dust 2 in CS:GO

The wonderchild of CS:GO, ZywOo, might not have come into the spotlight for quite some time now, but it has nothing to do with his skill diminishing. In fact, it seems that the deadly marksman has been refining his utility skills by learning some neat new tricks that are certainly on a different level altogether.

Recently, the French star showcased his mastery of one such lineup as he aced the most difficult hinge smoke on Dust 2, without breaking a sweat, in the middle of a match against Sprout.

Holding the 'Pit' position alone, ZywOo lined up and threw a smoke all the way towards 'Mid Door', perfectly hitting the infamous pixel smoke and selling a smooth fake towards that position.

This is by far the most complex variation of the hinge smoke on the map and it helped Vitality into pushing certain Sprout players out of position, with ZywOo immediately snapping into action and getting a frag towards 'Barrels'.

It was also the first time this variation of the hinge smoke was revealed to the public and ZywOo made it look way too easy with the precise micro-adjustments required to pull it off with that level of finesse.

VItality won against Sprout at IEM Cologne 2022

Vitality made a comeback in the series and won the match '2-1' to qualify for the group stage, where they are currently in the upper bracket round two, all set to face off against Movistar Riders later today at 23:00 IST.

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