ZywOo With The Superior Game Sense


[Watch] ZywOo Accurately Predicts G2's Movement to Execute a Perfect Clutch

The French marksman is in sublime form!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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ZywOo read G2 Esports like a book during a tense 1v2 clutch situation, predicting their positions perfectly and winning the difficult retake.
This was a perfect example of ZywOo showcasing his brilliant game sense and proving that he is not all brawl, but brains too.
Team Vitality went on to win both Nuke and Mirage beating G2 Esports with a '2-0' scoreline to continue ahead in the upper bracket.

Team Vitality is in its element at BLAST Premier: World Finals 2021. Fresh of a win at IEM Winter 2021, the French lineup has entered its last tournament together and they are aiming for nothing short of a victory.

The assignment has been received loud and clear by their star player, Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut, who has been putting up stellar performances every single game. Despite his amazing 52 kill domination against Astralis where Vitality only gave away 10 rounds in total, ZywOo's truly notewrothy moment came forth during his encounter against G2 Esports on Nuke.

The 1v2 clutch defuse showcased ZywOo's brilliance with not just the weapons but also when it came to his game sense, which is hands down amongst the best across CS:GO at the moment.

ZywOo reads G2 Esports like a book to execute a flawless 1v2 clutch defuse on Nuke

Team Vitality, after having landed a crushing blow to Astralis, was facing off against G2 Esports, who too is aiming for a win at the final CS:GO tournament of the year, BLAST Premier: World Final 2021. Despite the tense buildup, Vitality won the match '2-0' to secure a slot in the upper bracket final where the team shall now face Gambit Esports.

The highlight of this entire series was ZywOo's superior game sense which was gloriously put on display, during a tight 1v2 clutch against G2 Esports on Nuke.

During the 23rd round, Vitality had a clean two-round lead over G2 Esports who were playing T-sided. Just when G2 was about to cut this lead down to a difference of one, ZywOo single-handedly converted what looked like a lost round into a win on the back of this brilliant retake.

ZywOo perfectly predicted where the two remaining G2 players could be after having planted the C4 on Nuke's 'B-Site'. Calmly making his way towards defusng the plant, ZywOo was more than ready to take them down as he had already read their play like a book. As expected, he won the 1v2 clutch and even defused to extend the lead even further.

ZywOo is in sublime form at BLAST Premier: World Final 2021

Vitality won Nuke by a '16-10' scoreline and then proceeded to attain victory on Mirage as well, taking the series '2-0' and moving on to the upper bracket finals.

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