Snax Takes An Incredible Ace On Nuke


[Watch] Snax Hits Consecutive 200IQ Wallbangs on Nuke to Take a Brilliant Ace

What in gods name was that from Snax?!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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One of the best Polish CS:GO players ever, Snax, went viral across the CS:GO community following his incredible ace on Nuke.
The 28-year-old delivered back-to-back 200 IQ wallbangs on Nuke which baffled many in the CS:GO community.
Snax left competing in tier-one CS:GO more than two years ago but continues to remain an active player, currently playing with a team called MONKEsports.

Polish CS:GO legend, Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski, has gone viral across the CS:GO community following a crafty ace on Nuke. The 28-year-old managed to destroy the entire attacking side single-handedly, showcasing brilliant game sense and two terrific wallbang spots which delivered lethal blows to the opposing team.

Many in the community marvelled at how good a player Snax still is even though he stopped competing in the tier-one circuit more than two years ago. This further led to a discussion about how short-lived his professional career actually was, as he played in the top scene for only six years.

Snax pops off on Nuke, slamming consecutive wallbangs to destroy the opposition

One of the most clutch CS:GO players of all time, Snax, was a beast during his time on (VP), something that was recently highlighted as he took a crazy ace on Nuke.

Up by three rounds with the scoreboard reading '3-0' in his favor, Snax walked into the fourth round unaware of how he was about to pop off on the opposition. Armed with an M4A1-S, the Polish beast held the 'A-Site' facing a two-player deficit while everyone on the attacking team was still alive.

From this situation he turned things around single-handedly, constantly shuffling between different angles and sites, clearing everything methodically to cut down on the possibilities of a fake or flank. During all this, he delivered two brilliant wallbangs and ended up taking a mind-blowing ace.

Snax's movement, game sense, wallbangs, and overall gameplay have left many in the community speechless. Such was the brilliance of this ace, as Snax identified every sound cue perfectly and responded in the best possible manner.

What he accomplished reminded many players about his time on where he used to be a force to reckon with, as the famous commentary line "What in gods name is that from Snax?!" was spammed.

Snax is still an active CS:GO player competing locally and within Europe with tier-two and tier-three teams. Since his time on VP, snax has played for multiple organizations like Illuminar Gaming, Anonymo Esports, and is currently a member of MONKEsports.

Snax had recently taken a break from competitive CS:GO

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