M0NESY Finds Huge CS:GO Smoke Bug On Overpass


[Watch] M0NESY Finds Another Huge CS:GO Smoke Bug on Overpass

The kid just keeps finding the fault in their smokes.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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It seems that m0NESY has found another big smoke bug, this time on the CS:GO map Overpass.
He apparently discovered this smoke bug by mistake while throwing a smoke to gain cover outside 'Park Connector'.
This one way smoke provides a significant advantage to the defending side as they get one way vision towards 'A-Long'.

CS:GO shares quite the long history with smoke bugs. It is just an endless list that keeps growing no matter how many times Valve deploys a fix. Maybe this is why the developers are busy working on that supposed Source 2 port for several CS:GO maps.

The CS:GO smoke bug criminal, Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov, was at it once again as this time he founds a crazy exploit on Overpass that overlooks quite an important part of the map.

During a recent Twitch stream, the 17-year-old explained how he came across this bugged smoke by accident while playing on Overpass and though he did not know how it worked, the advantage it provided to a CT-sided player was significant.

M0NESY discovers yet another huge CS:GO smoke bug on Overpass

There was a huge uproar across the CS:GO community when a player found out that m0NESY had abused a smoke bug on Mirage against the Brazilian crowd favorites Imperial Esports during the PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

Though it was later confirmed that the PGL admins had actually allowed him to use the bugged smoke, there was still a breach of competitive integrity and all the competing teams had to make an unofficial agreement to not abuse the smoke bug on Mirage any longer.

PGL allowing the use of one-way smoke bug on Mirage

Now, the young talented AWPer seems to be at it again, this time discovering a bugged smoke on Overpass. As per the clip attached below, m0NESY had tossed a smoke bug towards the 'Bench' outside 'Park Connector' in order to provide himself some cover while crossing.

As he was about to cross, m0NESY noticed that the bench was shining through the smoke so he decided to crouch and scoped in with his AUG which resulted in him getting a view of 'A-Long' through the smoke.

This could result in a significant advantage for the defending side, who despite being trapped or in a comfortable position could easily pick a kill through the smoke from this position.

Last time, Valve had fixed the Mirage smoke bug within 24 hours of it being reported, but that was mainly because it came to light right in the middle of a CS:GO Major. Hopefully, this one will also be taken care of by the developers sooner rather than later.

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