K0nfig Hits Evil Geniuses With A Slick Ninja Defuse


[Watch] K0nfig Wins Pistol Round Against EG With a Slick Ninja Defuse

That is one way to kick off a series!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Astralis started off its ESL Pro League Season 15 campaign with a clean '2-0' win over Evil Geniuses (EG).
Danish rifler k0nfig was the star player for the side and pulled off a slick ninja defuse on the first round of the first map, Vertigo.
Astralis will be taking on local rivals Heroic later tonight while EG shall go up against NAVI.

Astralis started its journey in the ESL Pro League Season 15 with a clean '2-0' win over Evil Geniuses (EG). The Danes were in top shape as they hit the North American organization hard across both the maps, not allowing them to win more than 10 rounds on both Vertigo and Overpass.

Amidst all the flair, the play that stole the show was a slick ninja defuse by Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke delivered in the very first round of the opening map.

EG did well in the first pistol round on Vertigo, which was their own map pick. Dwindling the CT-sided Astralis down to just a single player, k0nfig found himself tucked in a corner against three EG players eager to hunt him down. This is when the Dane made his move, resulting in an easy ninja defuse and giving Astralis a perfect winning start.

EG gets hit with a ninja defuse on Vertigo as k0nfig plays a solid game of patience

There was a lot of doubt surrounding the success of Astralis at the ESL Pro League Season 15, but despite all the discussions on their performance the Danes kicked off their journey with a clean sweep.

Stealing the limelight on their first win was none other than k0nfig who played a game of patience, calculating every move down to the very last second to successfully pull off a smooth ninja defuse.

Evil Geniuses, playing T-sided on its own map pick Vertigo, got off to a fine start by getting down a plant on the 'A-Site' and facing a 1v3 situation as k0nfig held a corner with bated breath down to just 15 HP.

Despite being just a few steps away from the planted bomb that was right in front of him in full view, the 24-year-old showed extreme patience as he held his spot with ice in his veins, playing the clock perfectly down to the last second and converting the ninja defuse into an opening winning round for his side.

The three EG players were completely taken by surprise, making the mistake of leaving the site a bit too early in order to hunt down k0nfig and losing the first round which could have been an easy victory for the side.

Astralis on k0nfig's performance against EG

EG will be going up against NAVI later tonight in their second match of 'Group-D' while Astralis will be taking on Heroic in a classic Danish derby.

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