Autimatic Recovers AWP From Outside The Map On Inferno


[Watch] Autimatic Big Brain Play to Recover AWP From Outside the Map on Inferno

A genius AWP save, but what about that insane movement?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Autimatic came up with a brilliant plan, while playing against 00 Nation, to retrieve an AWP from outside the map on Inferno, by using a grenade.
While there was a debate in the community about the 'AWP save' play being impressive or not, everyone agreed that the movement showcased by autimatic to reach the top of the wall was absolutely brilliant.
Evil Geniuses went on to beat 00 Nation with a '16-9' scoreline, setting up a match against Team Liquid scheduled to take place later today.

There are times when people do certain things in the spur of the moment that might not necessarily be outright impressive, but tend to have a bit of a wow factor attached to it.

Veteran CS:GO player Timothy "autimatic" Ta did something similar yesterday while playing against 00 Nation on Inferno. During the 12th round of the match, the Brazilian team had executed a brilliant take on 'A-Site' which forced Evil Geniuses (EG) to go for a save.

As soon as this call was made autimatic sprinted all the way from 'CT-Spawn' towards 'Banana' to retrieve the AWP that Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov had lost earlier in the round.

Though the weapon was thrown outside the map and there was technically no possible way to retrieve it normally, autimatic quickly thought of a brilliant plan and used his grenade to push the AWP back inside the map.

AWP laying outside the map on Inferno

Big brain play from autimatic to retrieve an AWP from outside the map on Inferno using a grenade

The Major winning CS:GO player, autimatic, made a small but brilliant play during EG's match against 00 Nation at the American RMR which resulted in the Twitch chat going crazy.

While playing CT-sided on Inferno, EG was finding it tough to defend against the Brazilian executes. During the 12th round of the match, 00 Nation picked off CeRq right at the beginning which caused problems for EG.

Not only were they a player short, but 00 Nation had managed to take control of their AWP, removing it from the map. This was followed by a brilliant 'A-Site' take which forced EG to call a save, but autimatic was in no mood to enter the next round with an M4A1-S and went on a mission to retrieve the AWP which had been thrown outside the map.

This is how autimatic managed to retrieve the AWP. He used his brilliant sense of geometry to pop the grenade perfectly, resulting in the sniper being flung from its position back inside the map.

While the play was not outrageously brilliant, it was still quite impressive to come up with a plan like that right in the middle of the match. On top of that, many in the community were swooning over autimatic's fluid movement to jump above the wall from where he had tossed the grenade.

EG ended the half with a slight advantage before closing the map with a '16-9' scoreline, moving on to the '2-1' bracket where they will be facing Team Liquid later today. A victory will result in EG booking themselves a slot into the PGL Major Antwerp 2022, while a loss will take them one step closer to elimination.

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