AMANEK Takes Incredible Triple Kill Using Against MOUZ


[Watch] AMANEK Takes Incredible Triple Kill Using MAC-10, Knife, AWP

The substitute for G2 Esports was fragging on another level.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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G2 Esports was facing MOUZ in the group stage of the currently ongoing ESL Pro League Season 15.
MOUZ had already won its map pick Nuke with a '16-12' scoreline and was about to take Mirage as well before AMANEK struck them with an epic triple kill.
AMANEK won a crucial round for G2 Esports armed with just a MAC-10, as he ended up taking a triple kill with three different weapons.

Prior to the ESL Pro League Season 15, G2 Esports had to undergo a roster shuffle bringing in François "AMANEK" Delaunay to replace Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen who had tested positive for COVID-19.

So far the French AWPer and rifler has been performing well for G2 Esports but he really stepped up for the side big time against MOUZ in the 29th round of the second map Mirage, on 11th March.

Not only did he take a triple kill, but he took each frag with a different weapon, one of which was a knife kill. He casually styled on MOUZ despite facing a 4v3 handicap while holding a MAC-10.

AMANEK styles on MOUZ by taking a triple kill with three different weapons

Armed with nothing but a feeble MAC-10, AMANEK turned into an absolute beast as he destroyed MOUZ in the 29th round on Mirage while trailing by two rounds. This play despite being absolutely astounding was critical for G2 Esports to stay in the game, as MOUZ was already sitting on map point after having won the first map Nuke by a '16-12' scoreline.

AMANEK timed his rotation to absolute perfection, sitting silently inside a smoke thrown towards 'B-Short', patiently waiting to pounce on any MOUZ player that came his way. Little did he know that instead of finding one, the play would end up rewarding him with three stunning kills with three different weapons - MAC-10, Knife, AWP.

The 28-year-old completely finessed MOUZ with a combination of weapons, turning the tactical first-person shooter into a hack and slash for a moment as he executed a flawless combo to dunk really hard on the opposition.

G2 Esports lost the series to MOUZ

He won a crucial round for G2 Esports, helping the team reach a '14-15' scoreline before pushing the game into overtime. Though they ended up losing the game '19-17' and with it the series as well, this particular play from AMANEK was the clear highlight of the entire series.

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