Valve Releases 6 New CS:GO Soundtracks With Tacticians Music Kit Box


Valve Releases 6 New CS:GO Soundtracks With Tacticians Music Kit Box

CS:GO releases six new soundtracks for the users.

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Valve released the Tacticians Music Kit Box earlier today consisting of six new soundtracks from various artists.
All the six Music Kits released are available in two variants - Regular and StatTrak™.
The most expensive and popular Music Kit out of the ones released is Work Hard, Play Hard by Laura Shigihara, which was released with a dedicated music video.

Valve has released a new music pack for CS:GO called Tacticians Music Kit Box. It consists of six new soundtracks that users can equip in-game. The new music kit can be purchased from Steam or players can opt to purchase individual sound tracks off the Steam community market, as they are already on sale. All the soundtracks in the music pack are available in two variants - Regular and StatTrak™, and based on their preferences, players can go ahead and purchase them. Here is a small preview of each soundtrack, its current price on the market, and any additional details that the creators have released.

CS:GO releases Tacticians Music Kit Box: complete details

The six soundtracks that are part of the Tacticians Music Kit Box are as follows,

  1. Mocha Petal by Austin Wintory

  2. Yellow Magic by Chipzel

  3. Vici by Freaky DNA

  4. Astro Bellum by Jesse Harlin

  5. Work Hard, Play Hard by Laura Shigihara

  6. KOLIBRI by Sarah Schachner

Valve releases Tacticians Music Kit for CS:GO

Mocha Petal

According to the creator of this soundtrack, Austin Wintory, this was his attempt at combining polka and metal. This is Wintory's third CS:GO Music Kit, already having released Desert Fire and Bachram Music Kits.

It is truly a unique Music Kit that has soothing tones with a heavy mix of Metal, very different from all other soundtracks that CS:GO has to offer. It is currently priced at under $4 USD for regular variant and under $6 USD for StatTrak™.

Yellow Magic

This Music Kit has been made by Chipzel who is considered to be one of the best chiptune music producers. Staying true to her roots, she has brought forth this glitchy track which is a mashup of different styles.

Its current price on the community market is $4 to $4.5 USD for the regular variant and around $6 USD for the StatTrak™.


This is another great sound track made by Freaky DNA and Leanne Koch, another chiptune soundtrack that has been mixed with opera, 8-bit sounds, and analogue synths.

Its current price on the Steam market is between $4.5 - $5 USD while the StatTrak™ variant is being sold for less than $8 USD.

Astro Bellum

Well known composer, Jesse Harlin has produced this Music Kit which delivers a bombastic space opera drama experience, that has been inspired by classic science fictions from the 70s, 80s, and beyond.

The price of the normal variant is well below $2 USD while that of the StatTrak™ version is around $3 USD.

Work Hard, Play Hard

This is the most famous Music Kit from this collection probably because its creator Laura Shigihara took the time and effort to create a proper music video to go along with the soundtrack.

CS:GO's official account even shared the music video which has been well received by the community, adding more value to what she has composed. Its current price is fluctuating between $10 to $11 USD while the StatTrak™ version is being sold for around $17 USD.


Another fantastic and unique soundtrack which is based on a dystopian goth choir of self-aware. It has some weird lyrics attached to it unlike the other soundtracks, which are very random and do not actually mean anything.

It is currently available for around $4 USD on the Steam market and its StatTrak™ version is about $7 USD.

These are all the new CS:GO Music Kits that Valve released earlier today while sharing a friendly reminder that, "There’s no better tactic than sharing your new MVP anthem with the rest of the server!"

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