TudsoN Reveals How Double Vision Eye Condition Affects His Life and CS:GO

The talented AWPer narrates the tough fight he puts up with his eye condition.

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TudsoN Reveals How Double Vision Eye Condition Affects Him

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The Polish-Mongolian AWPer for Anonymo Esports, tudsoN, opened up about his double vision eye condition called Diplopia.
Despite being diagnosed with the condition at a young age and undergoing a surgery in 2020, tudsoN continues to struggle with it till date.
TudsoN even went on to state that "I am on a downfall," receiving a lot of positive comments, opinions, and helpful advice from the CS:GO community.

Polish organization Anonymo Esports almost made it through to the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 through the second European RMR event. Following their last round elimination, the team's Polish-Mongolian AWPer Filip "tudsoN" Tudev spoke about his eye condition 'Diplopia' and how it affects him both inside and outside the server.

TudsoN revealed that he suffers from an eye condition called Diplopia, which is the medical term used to describe double vision or seeing double. The 22-year-old was diagnosed with it when he was still young. It did not affect him much back then, but his condition worsened as he started to grow older.

The marksman spoke his heart out via a TwitLonger post, about how this condition affects him in real life and CS:GO, along with his ongoing battle which has its own set of triumphs and defeats.

TudsoN explains how a double vision eye condition affects him both inside and outside CS:GO

The 22-year-old has faced a long fight with an eye condition which he continues to struggle with till date. He shared his story recently with the entire CS:GO community.

The condition despite getting diagnosed early and not being a problem for tudsoN when he was young kept worsening as he grew, "Whenever I was getting tired my left eye would automatically start wandering off to the left causing me to see double and making me close my left eye so that I can see normally. I would have very bad migraines making me not attend school sometimes."

TudsoN had to give up playing football as he would be seeing two balls instead of one. All this slowly started affecting his mood, until he got a surgery back in 2020, after having waited more than two years for it.

"I was so happy as my double vision disappeared," said tudsoN, quickly moving to Poland and grinding hard to chase his dreams. He started playing better and started noticing his rise, but suddenly after 1.5 years the diplopia returned and this time it was more extreme than ever before.

He tried reaching out to the same doctor who had performed his surgery, but as he could not go back to England email was the only mode of communication and he received a response after three months.

Once again tudsoN became moody and depressed, but never expressed his emotions openly. Slowly his performance in CS:GO started getting affected, as the game required him to focus on the screen at all times.

"My eyes randomly wiggle away and whenever I zoom with AWP my eyes start twitching and the vision goes double (seeing 2 T's or CT’s even though its just one player)," expressed tudsoN, further revealing that his reaction speed which was his "best ability" had started to disappear as a result of this.

The positive guy within him was being replaced by a tilted soul, as he started missing easy shots. Having spoken all that he held within, tudsoN went on to state that "I am on a downfall".

At the moment, all he is trying to do is stay positive because Anonymo nearly qualified for the Antwerp Major, but in reality he is very confused. TudsoN feels that a very long break along with a surgery is what he needs, but he is scared in every aspect.

The CS:GO community came forward to cheer him up and wished him the best for the road ahead like Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński giving him a morale boost, a few others dropped in their suggestions and opinions for the player to consider.

Statement by Kuben for tudsoN

At the moment it seems tudsoN is clearly struggling, only managing to achieve an overall HLTV rating of 0.80 during the European RMR B across a total of eight maps with a K/D of -36.

The future of both him and Anonymo needs to be considered going forward, so it will be an important decision for tudsoN to take with regards to whether he undergoes the much-needed operation and takes a break from competing or trudges forward straining himself in the process.

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