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TSM CS:GO Return - Roster Announcement Plans, Why EU Over NA, Future Goals

Everything you need to know about TSM's planned re-entry into CS:GO.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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TSM plans on making its CS:GO return next year in 2023, focusing on Europe with a mixed roster comprising of rookies and established players.
TSM will spend its first year establishing the necessary infrastructure to grow as a team in the region, slowly making its way up the ladder.
TSM might have a CS:GO roster in place before the BLAST Paris Major qualifiers, "but it's no guarantee".

Earlier this month, TSM announced its plans of returning to CS:GO once again in 2023. As part of this update, Dominic Kallas - Vice President of Esports, pointed out that they would focus on developing a team in the European region and build the necessary infrastructure around it from the ground up.

Expanding on these plans, Kallas in an interview with Dexerto further explained why the organization is focusing on Europe (EU) instead of North America (NA), how they are going to build this roster, and their plans for the road ahead.

TSM CS:GO return plans explained in detail

Going a full circle, TSM after more than seven years is planning on signing a European CS:GO roster once again. In 2015, the organization had entered the title for the very first time with a Danish roster, now it is thinking of hiring a European General Manager to help assemble a new lineup.

First CS:GO roster signed by TSM

Unlike last time, TSM will not go aggressive and spend a lot of cash to buy out an already established roster. Instead it plans on slowly building its way to the top, "working in tandem with a yet-to-be-appointed General Manager on finding talent and setting up the right infrastructure for the team."

However, TSM plans on assembling its mixed cast of rookie and established players from Europe. The decision was met with some criticism, but Kallas defended this move by giving the following two key reasons:

  1. This move further bolsters TSM's move to increase its global presence, having already ventured into the Japanese, Indian, and Brazilian markets.

  2. As CS:GO is mainly focussed in Europe, constantly producing the best players in the game, TSM wants to be a part of the strongest region.

    "It’s like, if we’re going to be in an esport, let’s find a way to win world championships. Let’s not just be in an esport to be in an esport," explains Kallas.

As for the team itself, Kallas mentioned that there is no set timeline for TSM to enter CS:GO, but more updates would be made in the next three months, "There is a chance that TSM will have a lineup in time for the BLAST Major qualifiers, but it’s no guarantee."

For now, it is preparing to bring together a lineup in 2023 and setup the right infrastructure in place, while for 2024 it hopes to give competition to all the top teams.

TSM's return to CS:GO was much awaited and it is certainly a pleasant surprise. The community is eagerly waiting to see which players the organization ends up signing and how this project turns out to be following its arrival.

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