Top CS2 Teams That Failed To Qualify For PGL Copenhagen Major 2024


Top CS2 Teams That Failed to Qualify for PGL Copenhagen Major 2024

Fall from grace, a missed opportunity.

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Copenhagen, Denmark will be hosting the first Major tournament of 2024 at the Royal Arena.
PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 will feature a total prize pool of $1.25 Million and is scheduled to take place from 17th to 31st March 2024.
A total of 24 teams will be qualifying for PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 through the regional qualifiers.

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 is right around the corner and teams have started booking their slots for the $1.25 Million USD world championship.

The competition is tough with only 24 slots up for grabs which means that some top-tier teams could miss out on the opportunity to compete in the first Major of the year.

In total, the tournament comprises 16 participants from Europe, five from North and South America, and two from Asia-Pacific, which automatically raises the bar for all regional qualifiers.

Here are all the top Counter-Stike 2 (CS2) teams that have missed out on the opportunity to qualify for PGL Copenhagen Major 2024.

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024: All Top CS2 Teams That Failed to Qualify

Not a single team will be handed a direct invite to PGL Copenhagen Major 2024, making it necessary to qualify for the world championship through one of the five RMR (Regional Major Ranking) qualifiers.

  • European RMR A | 8 Slots

  • European RMR B | 8 Slots

  • European RMR Decider | 1 Slot

  • American RMR | 5 Slots

  • Asia-Pacific RMR | 2 Slots

This raises the level of competition to a whole new level, so eventually a few top teams are bound to miss out on the opportunity of flying out to Denmark and fighting for the championship.

European RMR A

The first regional qualifier for Europe witnessed top-notch action against some of the best CS2 teams. Still, some promising competitors missed out on the opportunity to qualify for the main tournament.

Fnatic | 9th-11th Finish

One of the biggest esports organizations in the world, Fnatic enjoys a storied history in Counter-Strike but was not able to live up to its name and reputation during the European qualifier.

Fnatic registered two wins against BetBoom Team and AMKAL Esports, along with three losses against, KOI, and SAW. This resulted in it getting a spot in the final decider where it failed to win and lost out on an opportunity to compete in Copenhagen.

Ninjas in Pyjamas | 15th-16th Finish

Counted amongst the most legendary esports organizations, especially when it comes to Counter-Strike where it enjoys a very rich and reputed history, Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP), had a very disappointing run in the qualifier.

NIP lost three consecutive matches against Eternal Fire, AMKAL ESPORTS, and SAW, which resulted in an early exit for the Swedish organization.

Team Falcons | 12th-14th Finish

One of the stronger teams coming into the 2024 season, Team Falcons enjoyed a great run at the recently concluded IEM Katowice 2024, which only added to its shocking exit from the qualifier.

Falcons started on a positive note by registering a win against 3DMAX but was rocked by three consecutive defeats against FaZe Clan, Eternal Fire, and AMKAL ESPORTS, resulting in its elimination, leaving the community surprised.

European RMR B

The second regional qualifier for Europe witnessed plenty of high-octane action as some of the best CS2 teams took on each other. As the dust settled, a few top competitors were left behind, unable to qualify for the main tournament.

Astralis | 9th-11th Finish

The most successful and consistent Counter-Strike team in recent times, Astralis has certainly fallen from grace and it continues to struggle, unable to make its way through to the main tournament.

Astralis managed to win against Nexus Gaming and Monte but ended up losing to Team Spirit, Heroic, and ENCE.

Despite the results, the team was granted another opportunity to make it through by competing in the decider bracket. Unfortunately, this was not enough as it bowed out in the first match itself and was eliminated from the qualifiers.

OG | 12th-14th Finish

One of the top esports organizations in the world, OG, was unable to qualify for the main tournament following its dismal performance during the European qualifier.

OG has been out of form for quite sometime now and its recent showing followed that trend as it lost to Apeks, ECSTATIC, and GamerLegion, on its way out of the tournament.

Monte | 12th-14th Finish

The esports organization from Ukraine has consistently climbed the ranks in recent years to position itself as a worthy competitor in competitive Counter-Strike.

Hopes were high from the team to make it to the main stage but unfortunately a trio of loses against ECSTATIC, Apeks, and Astralis, cut short its journey of moving past the regional qualifier.

Asia-Pacific RMR


American RMR


PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is sure to deliver a rush of adrenaline to all CS2 fans as some of the best teams from across the globe will be giving their absolute best to claim the title of world champion.

Yes, it will be disappointing to miss out on some of the top teams and players, but then again that is part and parcel of competitive Counter-Strike.

Hopefully, those who miss out on this Major will be able to make up for it by qualifying for the next one which is set to take place in Shanghai, China later this year.

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