Extremely Useful CS:GO Pixel Smoke Lineups On Dust 2


Three Useful CS:GO Pixel Smoke Lineups on Dust 2 Without 'cl_showpos'

Here are a few smoke lineups to bamboozle the enemy team.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valve recently disabled the console command 'cl_showpos' which surprised many in the CS:GO community as it was an important tool to land difficult utility lineups.
Just a week later, ropz had found a new way of perfectly executing difficult lineups like pixel smokes and more.
Here are the three most useful pixel smoke lineups on Dust 2.

Valve's decision to disable the console command 'cl_showpos' did surprise many in the community, but a workaround was quickly found by none other than the big brain FaZe Clan rifler, Robin "ropz" Kool.

The new method, which utilizes in-game sensitivity adjustments, went viral across the CS:GO community as many appreciated ropz for sharing it. Simply binding the sensitivity change for a specific utility lineup means that players can still execute difficult throws like pixel smokes with perfection.

Here are three extremely useful pixel smokes on different areas of the CS:GO map Dust 2, which if utilized can provide a team with a significant advantage.

Three extremely useful pixel smokes on Dust 2

Double Door Pixel Smoke/Decoy Lineup

The very first pixel smoke is the one that was found by ropz himself, just a few days before Valve dropped the hammer against 'cl_showpos' by making it a cheat-protected console command.

Ropz talking about his new pixel smoke lineup

According to the new method discovered by the player himself, this pixel smoke can still be used perfectly by switching the in-game sensitivity along the horizontal or x-axis.

The smoke is a great one-way, giving maximum cover to the attacking side that might be looking to push through 'Catwalk'. The same lineup can be used to throw a decoy grenade as well, this acts like a solid fake to pull the defending team's attention towards 'Double Doors'.

X-Box Pixel Smoke Lineup

Ropz explained how in-game sensitivity can be manipulated to land difficult lineups with precision, without requiring 'cl_showpos', and chose this exact pixel smoke lineup to showcase his method.

Since then, a rising CS:GO page on YouTube has broken down this very smoke in extreme detail, by showing how this pixel smoke can be executed from all the four T-sided spawn points as outlined below.

T-sided spawns from where this pixel smoke can be executed

The smoke is useful for taking away complete vision and information from the defending team's 'Mid'. It can be combined with a great Molotov to keep the defenders from pushing through 'Double Doors'.

Long Doors Pixel Smoke Lineup

While the previous two lineups are for the attacking side, this one is for the defenders, to stop that annoying push through 'A-Long'. They have to be a bit quick on this one and the adjustment has to be perfect so do practice it a bit before execution.

This smoke has been shared by 'FNScence', the same YouTuber who shared the pixel smoke above. It is also based on the new method and gives the defending side the perfect one-way. The attackers will really be in a pinch when facing this smoke.

Either it will force them to use counter smokes and flashes to break through or they will have to pre-fire perfectly to clear angles through the smoke itself, which the CT-side can counter by taking an off angle positioning because even then they would be holding an advantage.

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