This 200 IQ Utility Bait Could Be A Huge Problem For Lurkers In CS:GO


This 200 IQ Utility Bait Could Be a Huge Problem for Lurkers in CS:GO

This could just be CS:GO's very own Cypher Trap Wire!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The new CS:GO update from Valve made some huge gameplay changes like making the utility droppable.
Players have already found out some ridiculous ways to utilise this new feature, but to use it as an early warning system against lurkers is incredible.
All that the player needs to do is drop a decoy grenade and use it as a warning system, as an enemy player would pick it up automatically after walking over it.

The new CS:GO update by Valve that came along with Operation Riptide brought a lot of big gameplay changes like the introduction of the Riot Shield, the utility now becoming droppable similar to weapons, and multiple weapons getting buffed or nerfed.

However, the meta defining change that has taken the entire community by storm is the ability to drop grenades. This simple change has drastically affected the gameplay and the associated mechanics, as players find new ways to clear angles, fake executes, drop utility across huge distances, and to even catch lurkers on the move.

Yes, you heard that right. CS:GO now has its very own Cypher - Trap Wire, for all those that might have indulged in Valorant. Basically, an alarm system which will alert a player of a lurker's presence or movement through a particular area.

Utility update introduces an effective alarm system to catch lurkers effectively in CS:GO

As utility can now be dropped and shared between teammates, by now we might have all experienced the horror of getting fake flashbanged. While that might seem annoying along with the fact that there is absolutely no animation delay between throwing and dropping a flashbang, it seems to only get worse.

A CS:GO player has found a brilliant use for a decoy grenade. The user simply drops one at the entrance to the site, at a choke point, or some place on the map through which a lurker might rotate.

As this utility is something that players do not generally buy or use early on, the decoy grenade gets automatically picked up the enemy player that passes over it, effectively working as an alarm system.

In different scenarios this can be used in multiple ways for example - to catch a player lurking, a late round rotation, if a player tried to enter the site through a smoke. The possibilities are endless.

Using Decoy Grenade as a bait in CS:GO

This trick might not guarantee a high level of success at the professional level, but at normal ranked matchmaking or lower ranked games, it could certainly help you catch the lurker off guard.

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