Squid Game Created In CS:GO


Squid Game Created in CS:GO, Includes All Challenges From Original Series

A Squid Game themed CS:GO map has been created.

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Russian creators DepoSit, Ansimist, and a few others have come together to create Squid Game for CS:GO which is currently available on the Steam Workshop.
The game visually looks like Squid Game and even plays similar to the TV series with a total of six challenges that players have to fight their way through.
The CS:GO Squid Game is officially called 'Squid Game (2-64)' and the creators shall also be hosting a server for the game from 26th Nov to 10th Dec.

The open nature of CS:GO allows creators to make their own content around the game. Taking this liberty to new heights, a group of Counter-Strike enthusiasts recently came together to create a casual CS:GO map based on the insanely popular South Korean survival drama 'Squid Game'.

One look at the map is enough to identify the striking similarity it holds with the hit TV show. Not only this, the map also includes all the original challenges from the show, six in total. Each of these challenges is fully functional and players are required to pass them one by one through a combination of skill and luck.

The entire map is really well made, all the challenges playing out exactly as they were represented in the show, all the while maintaining that consistency and feel which is authentic to CS:GO.

Fans recreate Squid Game for CS:GO, available in Steam Workshop

Russian creator - DepoSit, along with a few other members including the map creator - Ansimist, have come together to create a superb replica of the hit Netflix show Squid Game.

Though there are a dozen of these on the Steam Workshop, they are incomplete and quite shabby overall as they lack attention to detail or do not emulate proper gameplay mechanics. However, this particular CS:GO version of Squid Game which is officially named 'Squid Game (2-64)' is as close as it gets to a great casual minigame.

The map is visually and aesthetically a ditto match to the real thing and includes the following six challenges that players need to complete using skill along with a bit of luck:

  • Red Light, Green Light

    Players must cross a field and reach the finish line without dying. They need to run when the light is green and pause once it turns red, any extra step or movement during pause time will result in the player getting eliminated.

CS:GO Squid Game - Red Light, Green Light
  • Cookie

    Players will be required to cut a particular shape out of candy using their knife, breaking the candy from between or failing to cut the required shape within the time period will result in elimination.

  • Tug of War

    Players will be grouped into different teams and they will be required to pull the rope. How this works is that, players will need to click the key that appears on the screen correctly and repeatedly to succeed, failing to do so will result in the team getting eliminated.

CS:GO Squid Game - Tug of War
  • Marbles

    Players will be required to place a bet of their own while also guessing the opponent's bet in this classic children's game of odd-even using marbles. Running out of marbles first will result in elimination.

  • The Glass Tile Game

    Players will be required to cross a small bridge consisting of real and tempered glass tiles. Jumping over the tempered glass tiles will lead them straight to victory while the real glass tiles will break and result in their elimination.

CS:GO Squid Game - The Glass Tile Game
  • Not A Squid Game

    The final challenge will see the remaining players brawl it out in a room with 200 points of health and a knife. The last player standing alive will emerge as the winner of the Squid Game.

This game is more fun with a larger number of players which could range from anywhere between a minimum of two players to a maximum of 64 players.

The creators of the game have also provided a helpful set of console commands for all those that are looking forward to playing the game. It is currently available on the Steam Workshop and can be accessed by Clicking Here.

There is also a server which has been hosted by the creators themselves, the IP address to join it is and it will only be running for the next two weeks. The server started yesterday on 26th Nov 2021. Interested players can download the game and start enjoying it instantly!

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