Skyesports Reveals Counter-Strike 2 Roadmap for 2024: Events, Dates, Prize Pool

An exciting circuit awaits to enthrall the local and international audience.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Skyesports Reveals Counter-Strike 2 Roadmap for 2024: Events, Dates, Prize Pool</p></div>
Skyesports Reveals Counter-Strike 2 Roadmap for 2024: Events, Dates, Prize Pool


Skyesports has announced a packed Counter-Strike 2 competitive calendar for 2024.
Skyesports will be organizing six tournaments, three in India and three outside the country, all of them taking place on LAN.
The cumulative prize pool of all the six tournaments will be $1,000,000 USD.

Indian esports organizer, Skyesports, has announced its complete Counter-Strike 2 roadmap for 2024. It features six tournaments with a combined total prize pool of $1,000,000 USD, which is roughly ₹8,31,41,150 INR.

Out of the six global tournaments, three will be held in India and three will take place overseas, consisting of both local and international Counter-Strike (CS2) players, and all of them are planned to take place on LAN.

Building on the success of Skyesports Masters 2023, which was India's first-ever franchised esports league, the organizers have decided to go ahead with a deeper Counter-Strike 2 competitive calendar for 2024.

Skyesports Counter-Strike 2 Calendar for 2024: Complete Details

Skyesports held a CS2 tournament on LAN in Bangalore earlier this year which received a mostly positive reception, encouraging the organization to double down and expand its roadmap for next year.

Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO of Skyesports, shared that CS2's growing popularity had presented them with exciting opportunities to invest in this space and that their 2024 roadmap was planned with a focus on fostering talent, expanding globally, and ensuring sustainability for participating teams.

A total of six tournaments will be organized by Skyesports in 2024, three within India and three outside the country, featuring a mix of local and international teams.

  1. Skyesports Grand Slam

    • 14th to 18th March 2024

    • $50,000 USD

    • India

  2. Skyesports Masters 2024

    • 13th to 19th May 2024

    • $350,000 USD

    • India

  3. Skyesports Championship 6.0

    • 4th to 7th July 2024

    • $150,000 USD

    • India

  4. Skyesports Souvenir

    • 13th to 15th September 2024

    • $150,000 USD

    • Colombo, Sri Lanka

  5. Skyesports Global Tour

    • 25th to 27th October 2024

    • $250,000 USD

    • Bangkok, Thailand

  6. India vs Pakistan Series

    • 20th to 22nd December 2024

    • $50,000 USD

    • Abu Dhabi, UAE

Skyesports CS2 Roadmap 2024: All Tournaments, Schedule, Prize Pool, Locations

2024 will kick off with the Skyesports Grand Slam in March. It will be followed by the franchised esports league, Skyesports Masters 2024, which will take place in May. After this, the last CS2 event to take place in India will be the longest-running homegrown esports IP, Skyesports Championship 6.0, scheduled to be held in July.

All three tournaments mentioned above will feature international teams as well and will take place on LAN. Their exact locations and venues will be revealed at a later date.

In September, Skyesports Souvenir will take place in Colombo, Sri Lanka, featuring teams from India, Europe, and North America.

After this, the organizers will move on to their new ambitious global esports IP called Skyesports Global Tour, whose debut season will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in October, complete with regional qualifiers for India, Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

The last event of 2024 will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE with the Skyesports India vs Pakistan Series, where the best teams from each country will go up against each other.

Apart from the packed schedule which presents six exciting tournaments, Skyesports has also decided to support grassroots-level collegiate and cafe events for Counter-Strike 2 in India by providing monetary and infrastructural support.

2024 seems to be an exciting year for CS2 players and fans, especially those from the South Asia region who now have a lot of things to plan for in advance.

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