Shroud Calls Counter-Strike 2 Much Easier Than Valorant

Are all opinions valid?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Shroud Calls Counter-Strike 2 Much Easier Than Valorant</p></div>
Shroud Calls Counter-Strike 2 Much Easier Than Valorant


During a recent Twitch livestream, Shroud compared Counter-Strike 2 to Valorant.
Shroud opined that CS2 was much easier than Valorant and backed his statement multiple times throughout the livestream.
Shroud went on to make a few more statements but those were likely in banter and humor.

One of the most popular gaming streamers in the world, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, is known to be vocal about his hot takes, especially when it comes to shooter games like CS:GO, CS2, Valorant, PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends, and more.

In most cases, they are ignored, but sometimes he is called out for his opinions by the respective gaming communities, leading to quite the drama!

During one of his recent Twitch streams, Shroud straight-up compared Valorant to Counter-Strike 2 and said "Valorant is the number one first-person shooter right now. I promise you, CS2 is easier."

This statement was immediately dismissed by one of his friends who commented "That's the funniest thing you've said." A feeling that resonates with most players from the Counter-Strike community.

Shroud Claims Valorant is the best FPS and calls CS2 much easier in comparison

Shroud is amongst the top gaming streamers in the world who has ventured into the competitive side of things across CS:GO and Valorant, witnessing more success in the former along with Cloud9 before stepping down and pursuing content creation.

He is definitely among the few skilled gaming streamers and content creators, delivering top-tier gameplay across several titles, but he is also not great at presenting his opinion which in many cases have resulted in controversies.

Back when Valorant launched, Shroud made multiple remarks about how CS:GO was the better title and that no other game could ever match up to it in terms of an esports title. However, over the course of time his thoughts have changed with one of the recent statements claiming that Valorant is harder than CS:GO.

This fickle-mindedness behind his opinions is what makes him an easy target when he tries to give his reviews, like the latest hot take, where he points out that CS2 is easier than Valorant.

Shroud goes on to back his above statement multiple times when called out by some of his friends, doubling down by further saying "You guys just don't understand, if s1mple (Oleksandr Kostyljev) goes to Valorant, he can't compete."

Though it is clear from his body language and smile that he did not actually mean that statement, just saying it for a bit of banter and humor. To make things more spicy Shroud added "Imagine the damage Valorant player would do if they swapped to CS2."

Shroud might have run himself into a corner this time because Counter-Strike 2 has still not been released properly, and is still running the CS2 Limited Test version of the game.

It is still too early for making comparisons, be it with Valorant or any other game. There is a possibility that Shroud might change his view once CS2 has been released properly and is a couple of months well underway.

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