Saffee Reveals How It Feels AWPing For FURIA Esports


Saffee Reveals How It Feels Being an AWPer in a Fast CS:GO Team Like FURIA

FURIA will be inside the site by the time an AWP reloads!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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FURIA Esports is one of the quickest CS:GO teams in the world when it comes to executing or taking space on the map.
Saffee, while talking about how he plays with an AWP on a team as fast as FURIA, revealed that both parties are trying to adapt in a bid to find that sweet spot.
Saffee said that during defence he is made to play really passively while on attack he usually swaps his AWP for a rifle.

FURIA Esports is one of the most aggressive CS:GO teams in the world and they are really good at it. Not only are they always eager to pick a fight, they also move around the map rather quickly, and have shown the calibre of thwarting the best teams with their ridiculously fast-paced gameplay.

But how does this affect other players on FURIA's own team?

Well, the 27-year-old Brazilian AWPer Rafael "saffee" Costa, during a recent interview with HLTV, answered how it feels operating a sniper on a team that is always aiming to hit ridiculous timings on their executes.

While other members of FURIA barge into a site during attack, breaking all hell loose in a moment's notice to rattle the opposition, saffee is usually forced to swap his AWP for a rifle and join the squad. During defense he is given space to collect his thoughts, as he is put in really passive positions to provide space to other players on the team.

Saffee shares how AWPing feels in a fast-paced team like FURIA Esports

Joining FURIA Esports in January earlier this year, saffee is the newest member in the current active CS:GO lineup. Talking about how he keeps up with the team's pace despite handling an AWP primarily, saffee while laughing says "It's kind of crazy because the system we have here is a lot quicker than what I had in paiN."

While confirming that he still has to adapt his game by a lot, saffee explains that this is a two-way process as others on the team are also trying to adapt to him, "Of course, I have to adapt more, but they also adapt to me and finding that sweet spot is what we are going to be looking for."

He further goes on to explain how he operates as an AWPer in FURIA because the team does not follow the usual norms of how other American or European teams function.

Saffee reveals that on defence he is mostly given really passive angles to hold, providing freedom to his teammates, especially Andrei "arT" Piovezan. This is something that the talented marksmen had to adapt to because he used to play a similar role a lot more aggressively in paiN Gaming.

On the other hand, during attack saffee usually has to swap his AWP for a rifle because of the fast executes that the team deploys. In such situations it is almost impossible to use an AWP effectively, which is another aspect that the marksman has been adjusting to.

However, so far these things have not held back FURIA at all, as the team went undefeated through the American RMR (Regional Major Rankings) to qualify for the PGL Major Antwerp 2022. But moving ahead the level of competition will definitely be higher and saffee is working hard to adapt to the best of his abilities.

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