S1mple Loses Multiple CSGO Skins On Gambling Website On Twitch Stream


S1mple Loses Multiple CS:GO Skins on Gambling Website on Twitch Stream

It's rare to see s1mple on a losing streak.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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One of the best CS:GO players in the world, s1mple lost multiple skins on a gambling website a few days back on 2nd August.
All this was livestreamed on CyberFocus' Twitch stream who is s1mple's good friend and is often seen playing COD Warzone with him.
S1mple clearly lost more than he won, suspecting the gambling website of dishonesty by the end.

One of the best CS:GO players in the world, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev was on a losing spree a few days back while trying his hands at skin gambling. On 2nd August, the 23-year-old star AWPer was witnessed gambling CS:GO skins on a website, live on Roman "CyberFocus" Dergach's Twitch stream. CyberFocus is a former CS:GO player and s1mple's friend who often plays Call of Duty: Warzone with him. It was on his livestream that s1mple could be seen losing multiple skins, some of which were quite expensive.

In s1mple's defence, he was clearly intoxicated as mentioned by the player himself repeatedly, during the course of the Twitch stream. It might be tough to pinpoint exactly how much s1mple ended up losing in the form of CS:GO skins, but it was clear that the ace marksmen definitely lost more than he won.

S1mple loses multiple CS:GO skins on a gambling website

One of the true CS:GO legends, s1mple over the years, has become synonymous to winning and dominating, but this was not the case a few days back when the talented AWPer lost a lot of valuable CS:GO skins on a gambling website.

Though s1mple was not streaming all this on Twitch himself, the events of the night were still captured on CyberFocus' livestream. S1mple could be seen gambling his CS:GO skins and even his voice could be heard as he kept conversing in Ukrainian.

The 23-year-old was heard repeatedly saying on the stream that he was intoxicated, as he clearly lost more than he won. One of the most expensive hands lost by s1mple consisted of the following items,

  • Paracord Knife | Murder (MW) for $343 USD.

  • Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel (FT) for $585 USD.

  • Karambit | Gradient (FN) for $1,060 USD.

While another such packed hand lost by s1mple consisted of the items below,

  • Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel (FT) for $585 USD.

  • Paracord Knife | Slaughter (MW) for $343.27 USD.

  • AWP (StatTrak) | Containment Breach (FT) for $134.19 USD.

By the end, s1mple suspected the gambling website of dishonesty, since he lost almost all the skins to one user in particular who also turned out to be the winner of the roulette wheel.

S1mple seems to have been unfazed by the events of the night as he continued enjoying his player break and streaming on his Twitch channel. He will be preparing for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 14 where Na'Vi has been put in 'Group-C' along with teams like FaZe Clan, BIG, EG, Mousesports, and Fnatic.

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