CS:GO Major Winner Dosia Talks About Female Esports


Russian CS:GO Player Dosia Points Out the Main Problem Hindering Growth of Women's Esports

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During a recent Twitch stream, Dosia spoke about women's esports and pointed out the main problem hindering the growth of female athletes.
"The only problem with women's esports is the amount of female players. Compared to the boys, very few of them play, so the competition is not so big. Accordingly, the development [of female players] is not much. If there were a lot more girls playing, it would be better," he said.
Dosia also appreciated the current top female athletes, claiming that many of the top women's players are ready to play with the boys

One of the most popular CS:GO players from Russia, Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov, during a recent Twitch stream spoke about women's esports, sharing his opinion and pointing out the one main problem that it currently suffers from.

During a recent Twitch stream, Dosia explained that the number of female esports players was very low, which meant lower competition, which in turn meant slower growth and progress.

The 34-year-old might be well past his prime but he enjoys a massive following due to the vast experience under his belt which includes a CS:GO Major title along with Gambit Esports.

Dosia talks about women's esports, points out the main problem that might be hindering it

Women's esports is on the rise, especially in tactical FPS titles like CS:GO and Valorant, both having dedicated competitive circuits to support established and aspiring female athletes.

Earlier this year, ESL announced the #GGFORALL project bringing with it a newly proposed women's CS:GO league which is currently underway, comprising of online leagues for North America and Europe, offline events as part of DreamHack festivals, and regular online cash cups.

CS:GO circuit for female athletes

During a recent Twitch stream, Dosia, a well known player and personality in the CS:GO community gave his two cents on women's esports. The 34-year-old did not oppose it, instead he pointed out the one significant problem that is currently a hinderance.

"[Do you believe in female esports or not?] I don't understand your question. What does it mean? The only issue of female esports is the amount of it. Compared to guys, there is a very low number of players, basically none," explained Dosia. "That means there is lower competition, which means slower growth and progress. If there were more players, it would be much better."

The Major winner also added that there was some level of progress and that a few of the top female athletes were ready to compete with the boys. "Yes, there are some girls who are ready to compete with guys. But you can count them on one hand. Imagine if instead of 10 players like that there would be a 1000. This talk would be completely different, right?"

Note: The original stream was in Russian and the English translation has been taken from escorenews.

Back when the announcement was made by ESL about a separate women's circuit for CS:GO, quite a debate had broken through the entire community with many known personalities voicing their opinions in support or against this development.

Since then many new female rosters have been picked up by various top organizations like NAVI Javelins, CPH Flames Female, GODSENT Female, and more.

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